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09/15/11 | 16:39PM
Overage charges killed our 11 yr relationship

Been a VZ customer for 11 years. After husband got a project management job that required a ton of texting and all day phone calls, we kept increasing the plan. IN addition to, of course, then $30 fee for just having a Blackberry. It rarely worked, took forever to upload anything, had to be replaced twice, and we had to buy a $150 bluetooth b/c the speaker broke. The other two phones had to be replaced too - water damage by osmosis, I guess, because we never got them wet.

Overages of over $150 per month twice in a row did it for me. I asked to be reimbursed, and got 50% for one of them after arguing on the phone for about an hour. New policy, they said, can't retroactively upgrade the plan. Well, I wouldn't have known I had overage had you not sent me the bill!

Hubby sure as hell didn't check his text numbers, especially since he was under the impression that he had unlimited texts! Unlimited in VZ talk is 250.

Finally waited out 2 miserable years and switched to T-Mobile. All of a sudden VZ is willing to review those charges. Screw you, leeches! Where were you when I was willing to consider you?

Not to mention the numerous fees, charges, taxes, etc.

Now I'm with T-Mobile prepaid (got a SMART phone from E-bay for $65), hubby & I unlimited EVERYTHING at $107 a month TOTAL. No overages, no fees, no additional taxes (other than the 7% state tax).


How could've I been so gullible and remained with these leeches for so long! I am so excited I'm telling everyone I know to switch to T-M. I hope they end up bankrupting Verizon!

Verizon sucks!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: A63C7B

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09/16/11 | 8:50AM
I really hope AT&T doesnt buy T-Mobil :0 there will be no were else to go.... :(

Sad and confused :/ :( - Verizon H8er ID: E3A918

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