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09/17/11 | 19:43PM
Billing problem

I had a billing problem when my daughter failed to mail her damaged phone back that had been replaced. I called Verizon to sort out the mess. When I got the text that the credit had been posted I checked my bill online to find that my balance due was zero. I made no payment since the balance was zero. Two days ago I saw on my back site that the bill for Verizon had arrived. I clicked on it to find the amount due was more than double the normal rate. I checked my bill online at their website. All I could determine was there should have been an amount due last month. I set up a payment for the total on the due date and moved on with my life. Today I received a voice message telling me that my bill was overdue and if not paid today my service would be terminated. I followed directions and went to pay now and the amount due was over $1000. However the amount due when I checked over my phone was the amount from my latest bill. When I finally got a human on the phone she checked my account for about ten minutes, returned and explained that they had mistakenly issued a double credit and now I was 30 days overdue and I needed to pay that amount immediately. Try as I might to explain that I would have paid on time if not for their error and I really didn't want to use a credit card to pay it. My logic may be bad, but if I pay on time all the time and have already set up the payment why do I need to jump through hoops? I got refered to their Financial Aid department (am I back in college?) Same arguement but they finally agreed with my logic. No one could explain where the $1000 amount came from. I have no faith in any of their billing now. I've been a customer for almost 10 years with a 4 phone unlimited voice, calling, internet and pay on time and get treated like a war criminal.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: DFE7E6

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