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09/27/11 | 17:10PM
Wrath against Verizon

I attempted to activate a phone line and internet service in May, 2011. There was confusion in setting up the account and (unbeknownst to us) Verizon ended up opening 2 different accounts for us. Therefore, every call we made to the company was a confusing mess with incompetent customer service reps. When the phone line was installed, it was somehow connected with a house a street over from us and we were on a party line. Every time I called the company to explain the problem, I waited for 45 min or more. After a great deal of confusion and frustration, I attempted to cancel my account and end all dealings with Verizon. This proved to be even more frustrating! I eventually learned of the dual accounts and, after multiple reassurances, closed my accounts. Or so I believed. However, I continued to receive calls from Verizon about my service and during my attempts to clear up the situation, I received a great deal of conflicting information. I started receiving bills in the mail and a collection letter for service I never received. Every attempt to resolve the situation proved fruitless. I can never speak to the same person, and any attempt to obtain contact information for the person giving me information about my account is either futile or leads to a dead end upon calling back at a later time. Now, they are claiming they never received my returned equipment, even after I followed their directions very, very carefully. I have never done business with such a disorganized, unprofessional company. Even worse, I cannot seem to get rid of them! Even after their repeated assurances that my account is cleared (zero balance) and closed, I STILL received a collection letter today. Unbelievable. After so many attempts to resolve the issue, so many invalid account numbers, so many explanations to different employees and managers, I still have NO IDEA how to have this issue resolved! Last night I called and, not only were their computers "down", but 2 different reps hung up on me. This morning, after waiting on hold for 30 min I was told that the company HAD received my equipment on SEPTEMBER 1!!! It was sitting there for a month and I still got a collection letter charging me for it! I was put on hold for another 20 min to receive a confirmation code that my account was cleared and, somehow, we got disconnected. So was my account ever cleared? Who knows? Probably not. I'll probably get another collection letter in the mail a month from now.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: A38E9C

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09/28/11 | 5:49AM
From my experience, all the customer service reps I have been in contact with have been extremely helpful... I think they are usually only rude to people who call in yelling at them. If you even yell one time, your account is marked that you get angry when you call in. Nobody will ever help you again. That's just how Verizon Wireless works...

TheResponder - Verizon H8er ID: 92B497

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