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12/28/06 | 3:38AM
My DSL just disappeared.

This one just takes the cake. In Oct 2006 I ordered Verizon DSL at my local Best Buy store. All went well, everything came when they said and everything worked perfectly. Great. On 17 December it just stopped working. No notice, no explanation -it just stopped. Then began my endless search for an explanation, an apology and some way to get service back. No dice. Believe it or not Verizon no longer provides any form of broadband service to my area. Period. No one at Verizon can explain how I had 6 weeks of service and now my areas has nothing. I made upwards of 15 calls, went through the diabolical automated call system, spoke to a supervisor who promised to call me back. Of course nothing. Everyone I spoke to just gives up on this one and now there is no service at all. Back to dial up.

I wonder if I can sue for breach of contract??
Any one else have this experience or know how DSL can just no longer be avaialable in an area?
I hate Verizon.

- Verizon H8er ID: A86F20

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