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12/30/06 | 21:21PM
Verizon double bills cell phone customers who pay with credit cards

Verizon has made errors in my billing, held me financially responsible for their errors without informing me, and continued to hold me financially responsible after they verbally admitted their error to me and after I had informed Verizon’s CEO, Ivan Seidenberg of Verizon’s admitted error. Verizon also double bills their customers who elect to have their billing automatically debited from their credit card.

I had been a Verizon home phone and DSL customer for several years. I used to receive a consolidated billing statement for both of these services and had elected to have these payments EFT deducted from my checking account.

In 09/06, I traded my Verizon home phone service for Verizon cellular service. At that time, my EFT payment option ended without Verizon communicating this change to me, and before Verizon completed billing me for home phone service. So, unknown to me since September, I owed Verizon for one month of home phone service.

On 11/15/06, I received a call from Shirley Harp from the NCO Financial collection agency who informed me I was delinquent in paying this bill to Verizon.

On that same day I tried to correct this problem with Verizon DSL representatives Sheri Johnson and “Doreen” from Verizon’s collection department. According to Sheri Johnson on November 15th: “without Verizon informing me, my last bill for my home phone was processed ‘after’ my EFT was disabled”. This outstanding bill should never have been brought to a collection agency without Verizon first informing me that my EFT option has been cancelled and that I now had this pending payment.

Doreen informed me she would contact NCO Financial that same day, 11/15/06, to reverse collection proceedings. Doreen also told me she would mail a letter to me indicating Verizon’s error and the correction to my account. Doreen neither contacted NCO Financial, nor mailed me any letter.

Regardless of the many hours I wasted speaking and writing to various Verizon personnel, on 11/20/06 I received a collection letter from NCO Financial indicating I still owed Verizon payment, which I did not. Verizon and NCO Financial continued to harass and threaten me for billing that I do not owe, regardless of all the effort on my part to correct this inaccuracy.

Additionally, Verizon double bills their customers who elect to have their billing automatically debited from their credit card, where they are both debited and manually billed. Even though Verizon debits my credit card for my cellular billing, they are additionally requiring me to mail them checks for the same amount for the same time period.

After having six regulatory agencies contact Verizon, Verizon finally put me in touch with James Haskell, Verizon Manager, Receivables Management Call Center. I left a voice mail for Mr. Haskell on 12/19/2006 and I called and made contact with Mr. Haskell on 12/21/06 and 12/22/06.

I told Mr. Haskell on 12/19 that earlier that day I spoke with Verizon representative Felicia (extension 1826), who told me that I have a “past due” balance of $60.54 and that I was a “cash only” customer, meaning I am required to mail Verizon paper checks for cellular bills.

The fact is, I should have NO “past balance” and I am NOT a “cash only” customer as my credit card is correctly billed for cellular payments. However, Verizon still mails me paper bills requiring me to mail them a check.

The message I left with Mr. Haskell on 12/19 requested that he email me so we may converse in writing so I have documentation concerning Verizon’s problems and hopeful solutions. I then called and made contact with Mr. Haskell on 12/21 and 12/22 where Mr. Haskell informed me he is not able to send me an email and requires permission for some other department in order to converse with me over email. I find the inability of a Verizon manager to simply email a customer preposterous.

To this day I have neither received an email from Mr. Haskell, nor a phone call informing me of the status of his ability to email me. I believe Verizon has now forgotten about this problem and no further attempt will be made on their part to contact me in writing over email to resolve this problem. Certainly no indication has been given me to prove otherwise.

Today, I received a notice from Verizon incorrectly telling me for the second time that I owe this fictitious $60.54 and that as a result, my “service will be interrupted” meaning my phone will be turned off regardless that I have paid my bills in full. Additionally, Verizon is telling me there will be a $15 reactivation charge.

I am now mailing the FBI and assorted local and State police agencies charging Ivan Seidenberg, CEO, Verizon with attempted robbery and extortion. Mr. Seidenberg, acting as Verizon Corporation’s principle agent, is knowingly and willfully attempting to steal money from me by attempting to double bill me each month for cellular telephone service. Mr. Seidenberg has been aware of this attempt at double billing for two months, but has refused to stop it and continues to do so. Mr. Seidenberg has now threatened extortion by telling me he will turn off my cell phone if I do not submit to his attempt to take money from me that does not belong to him. I believe these circumstances are defined as robbery and extortion.

I doubt these charges will stick, but perhaps Verizon will finally take notice and put me in contact with a capable representative who has the ability to actually email a customer. I know that’s a revolutionary thought, but I’m an optimist.

- Verizon H8er ID: 16C402

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03/24/11 | 19:04PM
You need to contact FCC, Federal Communications Commission. They can charge Verizon fines unless they resolve the problems.

Lyla - Verizon H8er ID: 683D0C

07/23/11 | 18:48PM
VERIZON STEALS AND EXTORTS money from their customers .. Google News "verizon billing" - it does not matter what the plan was .. Verizon bills and prorates whatever they want - you either pay or they will ruin your credit. Find the Verizon alternative; whatever the price it is worth it because Verizon doesn't adhere to the price they advertise.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 5B4DA7

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