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01/04/07 | 23:08PM
I Loathe Verizon

From their nickel and dime phone functionality schemes and their poor customer service, to their frustratingly inconsistant network reception (at least, where I live), my experience with verizon has been utterly terrible.

I was extremely excited when, upon the night of my high school graduation, my dad gave me a new cell phone as a gift. I awaited the next day in anticipation of activating it, only to be extremely dissapointed by the duration of my first, second, third... and following phone calls. I found that the phone doesn't get reception in my house, or for that matter, almost any house. Reluctantly, I accepted the fact that I could still use it in my car or brave the weather and step outside for a call. Sadly, even when outside I consistantly receive poor reception.

What happened to all those "The Network" commercials? Are they all afraid to come into my house? Or about their Verizon Wireless home site banner reading "We never stop working for you."
...Bull-shit you don't.

A few minutes after the initial lost call fiasco, I sat down in front of the computer and began to play around with my new phone, hoping that it at least had some cool functionality to make up for the reception dissapointment. But was also let down when I found that I had to pay to use my own pictures as wallpapers, and couldn't make my own ringtones. It seems that nearly every possible customizable feature has been rigged with a price, ensuring both a steady stream of income for Verizon, and an annoying lack of personalized sentiment toward my phone.

My experience has been shit ever since.

Verizon, I hate you.

- Verizon H8er ID: B8841A

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