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01/11/07 | 4:33AM
Verizon taking customers for granted

I've been a verizon customer since I left AT&T Wireless back in 04 and have also been a Mac user a liitle longer than that. Windows is a joke and I've enjoyed the ease of use and stability of my MAC, however getting a wireless laptop card that works is impossible with Verizon. They have little support for Mac user...completely snubbing a segment of the market. I have an LG phone for personal use and a smart phone for my business (Motorola Q - not all that at all). And cannot get my Q to work with my Mac. I've tried Verizon without any success and I am at my witts end...until today. Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone....Hurray....god riddance Verizon...I'm cancelling my subscription and you can take your ghetto assss phones and shove it up you fat lazy arrogant asses. I am fed up...but am looking forward to getting my new iPhone. Kiss my ass Verizon!

- Verizon H8er ID: B57301

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08/15/08 | 4:00AM
i am a mac user myself.

the salesman told me my phone would sync with my macbook no problem.

uh huh bull shit.

one time i tried to get verizon internet phone and tv service.

that was the straw breaking the camels back. a whole lot of pain and time dealing with them.

I will be posting my story.

im getting a 3g iphone soon myself

- Verizon H8er ID: AC9BD7

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