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02/04/07 | 0:01AM
Verizon workers screw up. so do there customers

I can see why you people donít like Verizon. Some of the things u complain about are obviously the fault of the customer also though. Anything that is caused by not paying your bill on time. Is the customers fault. When we sign any contract we are agreeing to pay on time or suffer whatever consequences are listed in that contract. I had major hate for Rogers wireless b4. They cut me off a lot and the first decent paycheque I ever made they took the whole thing. In the end it was me who was late on the bill too much and then I was the stubborn asshole who refused to pay them. Thinking negatively never helps anything. I learned a lot from Rogers. I see a lot of consistencies with Verizon also. Verizon and I have not had problems yet. Knock on wood.

- Verizon H8er ID: 210D67

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