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10/24/11 | 20:00PM
jacked for $1169

Just to start i had verizon service for 12 years,... january of 2011 they billed me for a app download and music down loads on a cheapy phone that would not even download a picture... There was no way ,... i spoke to a store rep..showed them the phone and they agreed.! Said i had to talk to "verizon financial services dept" to get the billing removed. After about 4 hours of my life wasted speaking to these people i just paid it... they had sooooo many run around B-SHIT. But on sept 8th I called to terminate all service on 2 phones...
$534 for one month. Verizon states after 12 years of having the same contract i turned off my text package and billed me $3xx extra that month. Refused to correct and offered me $100 credit..UNACCEPTABLE..! So on sept7th 2011 Verizon terminated my service on both phones. On sept 8th 2011 i went to the verizon store and was more than clear to terminate my account. They did not. I went again on on oct15th 2011 after another bill was received and account was active but phones have been off...
Again made it clear that all service was to canceled on sept 8th. Well guess what? after 2 trips to the verizon store and 3 calls to there non-existent customer service the phones are off but the account is still active. I heard every b-s reason from customer service and store reps.
Well again today,...I sept 45 minutes on the phone again with no help and then a trip to a verizon store again. after wasting 2 hours of my life again trying to get this account canceled the manager there assured me its now ternminated. 9 weeks later 4 phone calls and 3 trips to the store.
Well he stated he cant do anything regarding the billing of the 3 months on on the hook for,... You suck verizon ! cost me another $279 because they never terminated serice via my requests...If it is even over now...What a horrible company !

burned by verizon - Verizon H8er ID: 85D0B7

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03/13/19 | 21:46PM
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JerryJal - Verizon H8er ID: 6A1BBF

03/16/19 | 22:00PM
\" \" 15 .
, , , .

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Antoniotnn - Verizon H8er ID: 6E03C8

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