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10/28/11 | 22:20PM
Lo-speed web

We had Verizon wired. I signed up for caller ID but did not want 'Call Waiting' or a 'Mail Box' and I requested that my number be unpublished, Then I got a Verizon Cell.

After two years I moved a couple miles. All my services changed and my number got published.

Then I signed up for hi-speed wireless. For THE FIRST YEAR Verizon speed was NEVER AS FAST AS MY OLD DIAL-UP. The Verizon solution was to engage me in LONG USELESS TECH SERVICE CALLS to people for whom English was a second language and their solution was to send me a new modem approximately once a month. This necessitated installing the modems, boxing up the good one removed and then driving to UPS to send it back. There was never any change in the slow slow speed. After eleven-months they called and asked if my speed was better BECAUSE THERE WAS A PROBLEM WITH A "SWITCH" in their server. 11-months of my IT daughter and engineer self telling Verizon that it was a problem with their equipment and not ours.

Then Verizon wired became Frontier and it has been all down hill since then! Today I canceled Frontier and Verizon Wireless.

doodle - Verizon H8er ID: AD8720

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10/28/11 | 23:58PM
Your first mistake was to get DSL (Damn Slow Line) with Verizon. DSL is not fast.....PERIOD!!!
The service gets worse the farther away from the Central Office (C.O.)you are. Twisted copper phone wire was really not designed for high speed data transmision. To have the line work half descent for DSL a technician has to be dispatched to remove the side leads or (bridge tap(s))from your line because the line is not 'dedicated' just to you by stopping or terminating at your pole or house. In most, if not nearly all cases the line continues beyond you and in many cases also runs down other streets. So the tech has to 'cut' the line at your serving pole so it does not continue working further along. And it does not work well if at all through load coils, so those also have to be removed or cut out so you have a 'clean' copper pair for the DSL. And if the copper plant is old and deteriorated by corrosion or loose splice connections........well in a lot of cases it may not work at all.

Best bet is to get broadband from your cable provider. It may be more expensive but it's more reliable AND faster.

Former Vz Tech retired - Verizon H8er ID: 5D9C8B

10/29/11 | 13:29PM
I second what ex vz tech said about old twisted pair copper landline. Key word OLD, never taken seriously since divestiture. Techs and management got used to what you could get away with on a voice line. "Get away with" includes ignoring existing troubles because voice used a much smaller bandwidth and was a simpler analogue circut. Much smaller troubles can affect a digital stream of data.

BUT, unfortunetly OLD applies to the wireless network as well. Verizon or the old Bell Atlantic, Nynex and GTE were notorious for dead or weak spots in their network. Throw in the different generations and type of technology 3g,4g etc I doubt the existing wireless network configuration is designed for all this stuff.

If you are in an older community in the old Bell Atlantic or Nynex you are screwed. Yep, switch carriers/providers.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 51AAC7

10/29/11 | 19:05PM
Thanks Anon.......The problem is Verizon,(and I assume other phone companies), are not investing money to upgrade OLD copper lines. Basicaly not worth it when they are losing customers to cell providers or CATV providers. I have seen this first hand when I was working for Verizon. I worked in the construction department where new cables were placed and spliced to eliminate the bad and worn cables. This was really a band-aid because they would only replace small areas where the customer trouble reports were heavy and they can identify bad sections of cable that were causing the headaches for the customers. I can't see this getting any better for the cusstomers. It does'nt make sense to dump too much money into outdated technology. That's why they tried Fios...............

Former Vz Tech retired - Verizon H8er ID: 5D9C8B

10/29/11 | 23:39PM
I've heard for a while that as soon as Verizon gets enough percentage of customers in a neighborhood switched to FIOS they want to abandon or sell that plant, probably to Frontier.

It's ashame if they had taken twisted pair copper more seriously it would be a usable and cheaper alternative for the customer and Verizon would have saved many capital dollars not having to place, splice and connect fiber. Hate to say it but they still could've consolidated and/or reduced many operations since lower troubles would have had similar effects as customers going to FIOS or competition.

In some neighborhoods they basically have multiple generations of outside copper cable in the ground & air. This includes different gauges of wire, different insulation including lead insulated sheath and paper insulated wire. Even the plasitc insulted cables or PIC have different gauges, splice connectors and grounding wire & methods which effects things like emf or db loss. Throw in the area or sections of plant cable with years of existing troubles a clean digital internet connect is less than reality.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 51AAC7

05/13/19 | 12:17PM
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mistypu1 - Verizon H8er ID: 559AC0

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