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09/07/06 | 20:17PM
Another Verizon Horror Story

This is an email I sent out to Verizon media and investor relations along with all the FCC, Better Business Bereau and all the DC papers and media outlets:

To whomever this may concern (because it sure concerns me):
I'd like to tell you about my most recent experience with Verizon DSL service (I won't bore you with the story of them cutting off my DSL service last year at the same time). My service has been down / disconnected since August 23rd. This date will burn in my mind since it was the day of my fantasy football draft, which resulted in me staying at work until 11:00 PM so I would have internet access. I placed a call to Verizon DSL Tech Support (VDTS) and after plowing through a time consuming voice automated and support technician walked me through the following steps which I will refer to afterwards as the Standard Verizon Tech Support Routine (SVTSR):
Turn off/Turn back on modem.
Disconnect / Re-connect modem and router.
Try new phone cable.
Repeat two previous steps for all the phone jacks in my house.
I'll get to why I listed the process a bit later. After none of those steps worked, the support tech told me that everything tested fine with the line to the house, so it must have been an error with my old modem. She suggested I buy a new one. So I bought a $100 Verizon modem from Best Buy the next day. That phone call took about 30 minutes
I get home and install the modem. No luck. DSL is still down. Another call to VDTS. I give the support tech my name and DSL phone number. For some reason I have to repeat this information, along with what my problem is, to EVERYONE I talk to, even if it is on the same call or I get transferred. I explain my issue to the support tech. They try to get me to repeat SVTSR. I tell them it does not work. They say all of the Verizon stuff is fine, so it must be a problem with my phone jack. I explained to them I am a dry-loop customer and I don't have a land-line phone number. I use Verizon's VoiceWing voice-over-IP service as my home phone. I told them usually I hear a message stating "This is a dedicated data line. No calls can be made on this line." message when I plug my phone directly into the wall. I no longer hear this message, only a busy signal. The support tech tells me I am not listed as a dry loop customer in their system. I tell them maybe that is the problem. The support tech tells me they will probably have to send out a technician to fix the problem, so I give them my cell phone number and they said the technician would call me with an appointment. Another 30 minutes on my cell.
The technician never called me, so I call VDTS again. Terrible voice system again. Repeat information to support tech. Support tech tries to go through SVTSR. I say no dice. They tell me my last ticket was closed because the technician could not contact me on my phone number. I have him repeat the number to me. The last support tech had entered my number wrong. I never thought after the conversation with the first guy that he wouldn't be able to understand MY English. I give this support tech the cell numbers for my wife and I and they said a technician would call the next day. Another 30 cell minutes.
Nobody calls. Another call to VDTS. Terrible voice system again, repeat information to support tech. Tech gives suggestion of SVTSR. I tell them not to bother. I ask why no one called for the second time. They give me the same story of the technician not being able to contact me. I ask again what number they had listed, and they tell me they have NO number listed. You've got to be kidding me! I ask to speak to a supervisor. After waiting on hold for a long time, supervisor gets on the line and tells me he is sorry for my inconvenience, but he will open up the ticket again and have a technician come out. I make sure he has three phone numbers documented now. This time its 45 minutes on my cell.
Again, nobody calls. This time my wife takes the reigns and she calls VDTS. She goes through SVTSR. She then gets forwarded to the VoiceWing accounting people, then back to tech support with no resolution. She get's angry by the incompetence. I get angry by the incompetence and the fact that she is now angry. We're both pretty angry by this point. She has a whopping 1.5 hours popped on her cell.
I call VDTS again and explain my exasperation and tell them I want my service repaired as quickly as possible. I stated this to a supervisor who said he would schedule a technician to come out September 5th in between 8-12 AM. I take a day off of work to meet the technician. Eleven in the morning rolls around and I see two Verizon trucks with two technicians outside my condo. For a split-second I am glad they are there and I go down to tell them if they need anything to come to my unit. They tell me they aren't there to work on my ticket. I call VDTS and they said the technician was running late and they would get there by 5 PM. I wait at home all day, and the tech never shows. I call VDTS and they said the technicians were all booked up and they would have someone out to our place between 8-12 AM on September 6th. Total of 1 hour on my cell.
My wife takes a day off work on September 6th to wait on the tech. Again, two Verizon techs with trucks are working outside our place in the late morning (and coincidentally are again smoking a cigar / cigarette and browsing what appears to be a web page). She calls VDTS and asks if they guys are there to work on our ticket. The support tech says no, and said they had the time frame of the ticket listed as noon-7 PM, even though we were explicitly told our timeframe was 8 AM- noon. The support tech tells us to wait until 7PM to call back if the technician is a now show. Of course the tech never shows up, and we are both fuming by this point. Thirty minutes on the cell phone.
I call VDTS one more time today and immediately ask to speak to a supervisor. I go through the entire series of events with the supervisor (Jeffrey). He tells me that according to his records, there was never any dispatch for a technician to come out to our house. WHAT!! I called twice on the 5th and my wife called once on the 6th and all of the support techs told us the technicians were coming out to our house. I asked what was being done to resolve my problem, and he said it was forwarded to the central office for repair, and he cannot give me any further information on it. He tells me my DSL should just start working in a day or two. I am very skeptical. I also ask Jeffrey why people have closed out my tickets and never called me to see if the service worked. He said in all cases the techs have not been able to get in touch with me. I ask him what contact numbers he has, and I am completely floored. He has three contact numbers for me:
Primary Contact #: 202-232-0381 This is my dry loop number (the line having problems) and calls cannot be made on that line. I asked him why a dedicated data line that was having issues was being used as the primary contact number and he told me that number was automatically populated by the system and could not be changed. It doesn't take Yoda to figure out that is not the best number to call.
Service #: 202-299-1223 This is my VoiceWing phone number. Since VoiceWing works over my DSL line, it isn't working currently. The DSL and VoiceWing are both Verizon products, so you would think that would be visible on my contact record don't you?
Alternate Contact #: My cell phone number, which no one from Verizon has ever called.
I am ballistic by this point. I ask him to go back through every ticket I have had and verify the tech called all three numbers. Jeffrey said he couldn't confirm that. Even though he is a supervisor, Jeffrey is completely ineffective. I ask to speak to his supervisor and he tells me that they won't be able to do anything because they are "paper pushers" who don't take support calls and don't do much besides "sign the paychecks". Everything quoted is verbatim from him. I am furious and I ask to be transferred to the billing department so I can get some kind of credit for this fiasco. The billing department gives me a one month credit to my DSL and a $25 credit on my account. I ask them for a credit on my VoiceWing account also, and she said she had no access to that system. The billing rep I spoke to was Ms. Williams. Jeffery was still on the line so I ask for his last name for reference purposes and he tells me his is not allowed to give out that information. I ask him why the billing people can give the last names but the support techs can't, and his answer was that they run two different call centers with different policies. One infuriating hour on my cell phone.
I have had it with you Verizon. You have been jerking me around for two weeks now while my internet and home phone has been down. I'm tired of the stupid voice prompts when I call VDTS. I'm tired of repeating the information from the voice prompts to the support techs that answer the call. I'm tired of them always pushing SVTSR down my throat as a first option, even though I have 8 other tickets stating the issues I'm having. I'm tired of them not being able to enter in contact information or anyone giving me a call for an update. You are a COMMUNICATIONS company for god sakes! I'm tired of being lied to and taking days off of work, and I am thoroughly tired of not being put in contact with anyone who can get anything done. Trying to get in touch with any of your people who can actually get some work done is like trying to get a copy of USA Today into China.
Here is a grand total of the expenditures you have cost me so far:
$315 Value of one of my vacation days
$135 Value of one of my wife's vacation days
$100 New modem that was suggested, but didn't solve the problem
$15 Value of half a month of DSL service that has been down
$10 Value of half a month of VoiceWing that I haven't been able to use
$30 Value of over 360 minutes our cell phones
That's a grand total of $605. The value of what you have credited me is $50. You have royally ripped me off. Ten support tickets. Two weeks of down time. I can't think of a worse experience I've had with any other company. Your support is completely incompetent, and this is the second time in a year that my DSL service has just stopped. It shouldn't take you two weeks to fix a problem like mine. If it takes you this long to take care of your users, you should get into a different business. If this message was enough for you I WOULD LIKE TO STATE MY EXTREME DISPLEASURE WITH YOUR SERVICE. I can't believe any company is still allowed to operate like this, much less one of the biggest companies in the nation.
I am forwarding this to any party, publication or organization that I can. I think people need to hear about how bad your service is so we can swell up like the great masses and demand some satisfaction. If any organization or company publishes this memo, please remove my personal information.

Reluctant Regards,
Jason Dodds

P.S. There are others: http://www.ktoddstorch.com/business/2005/03/verizon_custome.html

- Verizon H8er ID: 186B46

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07/08/08 | 0:40AM
Pretty s**tty service, well documented.

I've had a number of experiences with Verizon. I'll give a short description of one which I'll post separately in more detail. I purchased a second home and asked Verizon to transfer the service from the prior owner. I also asked for DSL.

The DSL worked fine, but the voice service was poor. It was noisy (and not due to lack of a DSL filter), would drop out, and occasionally I'd hear snippets of modem chatter.

Then the bills started to come in--for $400 monthly. The bills showed many long calls to a modem that was a couple of towns outside the local service I'd ordered. Each month I or my wife would call them to complain about the service, to ask for the calls that had been charged to us to be removed, and for them to get a tech out to check out the line. Each month they would remove the charges, but more would come in the next month, or sometimes the credit department would just put them on. And, of course, each call would involve a preliminary trip through Verizon voicemail hell before you could reach a person, and usually that person couldn't or wouldn't help you, either through stupidity, unfamiliarity with the English language, or limitations on their powers or department put in place by Verizon. You'd have to work your way up to a supervisor.

(An example of one conversation: they accused me of running up the bill by calling this mystery number on my PC. Why would I do that when I had DSL? In fact, my PC didn't even have a phone modem).

After 4 to 5 months of this, including some investigation by a technician who said it was OK, they finally got someone up on the pole to pull out and reinstall the connection, which fixed the problem. Near as I can guess, they had hooked up tip and ring to two different lines. I think the other was the local gas station/convenience store, whose pumps had frequent problems dialing out. Those were fixed, too.

These guys have a very complex system capable of wonderful things, but they abuse their customers (and, I hear, their employees) to the max. As alternatives appear, people are going to start to use them. The FCC's number portability policies (for those who don't know, you can take your number with you to a new provider) is going to help with the switchover.

- Verizon H8er ID: 8EC850

01/07/09 | 16:01PM
You are correct in most of what you say. As an ex-Verizon 'contracting worker', here is what I know. Verizon is known for it's brutal slashing of it's workforce multiple times. Employees have only one purpose to continue to work there.... Pay.. until they get a better position elsewhere. In 20 years I have never seen such a depressed environment.The CEO and CIOs made a commitment 2 years ago to fire all Americans on staff making over 40/hr. They have a pipeline to India and have embraced the 'pyramid model' hire thousands of cool workers at 15-25/hr to replace hundreds of qualified American workers. One indian woman hired as a java programmer, sat at her desk for 2 months, unable to turn on the computer and enter the IDE. They have been working on a single stack initiative for 3 years, spent over 300Million and can't get an order to process. The problems you are experiencing are based on tech support coming through the far east in 3 x 3 foot cubicles and systems that do not work, so service errors to you are magnified. The infra-structure is slowing crumbling there, but in corporations the entropy wheel is powerful so it takes a while for the meltdown to become obvious. It's happening. Suffice to say I use another carrier. On the plus side, they have some competent wireless workers who put up towers and connect the wires, so their network is OK but heaven forbid if your account gets screwed up in one of their 30 separate billing systems.

- Verizon H8er ID: B8F2E6

06/22/13 | 21:22PM
I would Bet , overcharges vs undercharges are 100,000,000 to 1

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: E0B686

05/04/19 | 3:16AM

erorsDer - Verizon H8er ID: 2A032C

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