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11/01/11 | 0:54AM
Verizon Purposefully Try to Steal From Consumers

So I work for a company that has a Verizon rep assigned to us. It's a large telecom company in SanDiego - won't mention any names. I purchase a phone for my daughter and son who are 12 and 10 for emergency purposes. They were to use it to call family only. I added them to my family plan and specifically told the rep I did not want them to have any web access.
She set me up with the 2 phones and added them to my plan. Today I just got the bill with $105 data charge from my son's line. Apparently, he had been downloading apps or rngtones etc thinking he was connecting to our home wifi and using it like an itouch. He is young but is very money conscious and freaked out that it cost our family $105. I tried to get a hold of the rep with NO response. I tried calling the customer service and they pretty much said too bad and told me to call the verizon rep I ordered from - which I mentioned I was unable to get a hold of. I have since learned that there are blocks that you can put on the phones. I was never told by the rep that I had to do that to keep them from connecting. Apparently they allow the phones to connect and then charge you for it. What a total scam. I have since had every data and premium messaging blocked but it didn't help me with the extra $105 that I had to pay

Ticked Off Mary - Verizon H8er ID: ADB1FE

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11/01/11 | 3:09AM
This similar thing happened to my family's three phones. typical for a mega company to squeeze us like a pimple.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 37DC3F

11/05/11 | 12:19PM
When I was a teenager, before cell phones, there were a bunch of 900 number services. Some of these cost as much as 4.99 per minute. I would call them often. As you can imagine, my parents ended up with an ENORMOUS phone bill. Of course this usage was not my parents fault. It was not the fault of the phone company. It was not even the fault of the 900 service. Let's place blame where it is due! I was the one that made the calls. Maybe telling your child, before you give them a cell phone that it comes with responsibility would be a good idea. I think that there is way to much blame being passed around for a persons own actions. It is not a wireless provider's responsibility to monitor your child.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 1E8EDA

04/04/19 | 23:40PM

Jigolla - Verizon H8er ID: 1F4031

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