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11/02/11 | 16:32PM
10 day wait to repair phone line!

After the October 30th snow storm I lose not only power, but phone as well. With over 700,000 people effected I don't hold out much hope of PSE&G getting to me to quickly. But they do, and within 24 hours the power is restored. So now I call Verizon...my God how I hate that company. After telling them that I have already unplugged all portable phones and the line is still not working. They send a test signal and, naturally, IT DOESN'T WORK. So now I ask to speak to a live representative. Of course, I get a surly guy who hates his job (who can blame him). I explain the issue and he tells me the next available appt is November 10th! I say to him, but today is November 1st, I have to wait 9 more days for you to come out to service this. He tells me that I don't have the 'maintenance agreement' with them so that is the next available date he can give me. So obviously, if I bend over and pay you more money to service YOUR EQUIPMENT, you would fix it sooner? He asks, curtly of course, do you want the appt or not? I ask if the call is being recorded, he says yes. I then tell him that I would like Verizon to know that if anything happens between Nov 1st and the 10th that requires me to contact 911 and I can't I will sue Verizon. He responds why would Verizon be responsible for that! So he's not only surly, but an IDIOT!! I miss the old days when the phone company was a MONOPOLY! At least we had service then!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: ABF52E

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11/02/11 | 23:14PM
Down sizing has depleted the landline techs to dangerous levels. Look at the problems they had during the strike in good weather. It's still upto to Verizon to provide those techs and SERVICE you are paying for. They should hire contractors or even provide with wireless loaners. 10 days is crap. Keep after them.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 716ECE

11/04/11 | 2:45AM
stop whining! where were you when the public utility commissions held hearings on verizon? did you go or write and oppose the cuts in service standards?

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: DDBB4A

11/04/11 | 20:19PM
Unless you had a bunch of senior citizen disabled veteran witnesses at a telco service problems hearing the outcome was/is a forgone conclusion.

Even with falsified or mis classified statistics that the rbocs use these telcos usually have enough political pull along with being able to pull the wool over these commissioners eyes that hearings and outcomes are all but meaningless.

A 10 day repair window is too long on 100 year old technology(not plant). Technology has increased as far as fault locating and/or in tools & supplies for speed yet they treat twisted pair copper wire trouble like scheduling surgery in the dark ages.

Verizon like junky rationalizing and making excuses to keep the money coming in.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 716ECE

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