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11/05/11 | 2:40AM

To Many to explain. First. Overcharged on items their tech did not perform. Their tech told me to call and advise them that they did not do this service which was outlet installations, the tech used the existing lines. Verizon would not take it off my bill a overcharge of $109.00 that I had nothing to do with. Total Verizon fault and I have to pay.

2nd. Hard phone line stopped giving me a dial tone. it was all new cable which the tech gladly drilled a hole through my beautiful wall and into my office. This was a month and a half ago and now Verizon says its not covered because its my line.. What??? Didn't your tech just install the line and ran it to the power line? Why should I have to pay for a tech..

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 5CD496

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