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11/10/11 | 18:07PM

I've been paying for svce I never got since May. I was away this summer( '11) so I assumed I had a dial tone and internet. I had just moved from my place of 25 years and thought I had transferred the phone number and such to my new place. Got back in September. No dial tone. No service. The soonest they could get someone was Oct 13th or so. . I waited all day and no one showed. Apparently The person who booked the technician lied and said this day was free when it wasn't. the soonest date after that was Nov. 4th. The guy came. There was some technical issue and they couldn't get my phone or internet working. He said someone would have to come back. They set me up to wait from 8-5pm on Nov 9th. No one showed. I called at around 4:00 to make sure someone was coming. They said absolutely but that they were running overtime. They said they might get there by 6:00. I said , 'no problem. As long as someone gets here today'. No one showed. I called at 6:30. they said someone was coming first thing the next day. They came at 11:30. He was very nice. He said he had to set something up that was greek to me as I'm stupid when it comes to computers and phones and that perhaps my dial tone would be working soon but probably not til monday seeing as Friday was Veterans day and a holiday and no one was available to follow up on it. I have been paying all this time for service I'm not getting. And my time has been wasted. They lie. They don't care. The workers are not good ... except this guy who came in was good. Shame on you Verizon.

Amy - Verizon H8er ID: B186FB

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