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11/11/11 | 2:36AM
I did everything right, paid my extended coverage but got SCREWED!

Loved my old-ass droid from 2009, but it crapped out recently; the cell acts like it's possessed making random calls and the apps turn on and off. I've been paying my $7 for extended coverage, had my asurion year coverage..the whole nine. When I contacted Verizon, they passed me on to Asurion, then passed me back to Verizon. Asurion Kept telling me they can't do nothing because it seems to be a software problem, and Verizon troubleshooting kept telling me that Asurion needed to handle this because they felt it could be a hardware issue. Back and forth for a whole goddamn day. Finally one of the "brilliant" sales reps suggested, "why not just upgrade and extend 2 year contract?" This was on 10/29, my upgrade eligibility was on 11/28. He said "no prob..we'll just do an early upgrade BECAUSE WE COULDN'T RESOLVE YOUR DROID ISSUE." $150 bux and 3 days later I get a Droid x2 and it was CRAPTASTIC! The internet wouldn't work. Again I spent a whole day trouble shooting with Verizon techs, they finally said just ship it in. I then found an awesome deal for an htc cell (free w/2 year upgrade). Verizon got back they're droid x2, and after many days of confirming that my upgrade would be reset so i could buy from a third party, they assured me for days it would happened, today is the day and it didn't happen! They couldn't give me my refurbished droid to begin with, then the one I bought from them sucked, and now they cant give me my early upgrade so I can get my cell somewhere else..VERY LIVID..and the guy I spoke to was soo dry about the whole matter..I need my cell for work..school..this is bull..i'm assed-out until the 28 of Nov?! It's not right!

vandal - Verizon H8er ID: 8ECC62

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11/19/11 | 12:20PM
wow unreal

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 1B2489

03/02/19 | 19:14PM

TihonSat - Verizon H8er ID: 9A3BE8

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