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11/11/11 | 16:01PM
The banks attempted to add more charges to our accounts..THE PEOPLE RAISED HELL, THE BANKS STOPPED !!

But ,,here in verizaon land, the charges are excessive and are unaccounted for. THey actually had the nerve to take all of your information, address, GPS locations, calls, shopping locations, text messages etc ALL TO GIVE YOUR ADVERTISERS A BETTER WAY TO CONTACT YOU ...AND THIS SICKENING BS EXCUSE DIDN'T CAUSE LINES OF PEOPLE DEMANDING THEIR MNEY BACK..IDIOTS ??? YOU TELL ME !
Who was it that said..: Americans don't gt involved until it effects them immdiately and persoanlly" I guess that's how american business gets away with the theiving they do !! i hate to buy anything, it's always quite a let down, price, service , honesty about quality such as "you need that extended service" .."really, why" "I don't know but you do".."Ok , I'll take it if you say so"
the dumbest consumers on earth

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: CAAB16

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11/12/11 | 2:00AM
You do understand that your television provider, internet provider, and most likely you email provider collect this same marketing info from you. They all hide it in there terms and conditions that nobody reads. At least Verizon was upfront about it, and gives you a way to opt out. You can't even have itunes without allowing your info to be monitored. I think Verizon was a stand up company for advising me of this, and giving me instructions on how to say no.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: FECDA7

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