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11/17/11 | 4:26AM
Why we are cancelling our contract

Why we are cancelling our contract with Verizon and leaving your company for another service provider.

In July of 2010, we opened an account with Verizon and put $1,100.00 on the account. Two phones, basic texting, insurance.

We soon became alarmed because our bills were fluctuating severely. In the past year, we have been in many of your stores for many hours, talking with dozens of Verizon employees. We were never given a clear or even consistent explanation for these high inconsistent billings. Finally, last week, your employee told us that "Huh, your primary phone does not have a texting option". "Oh, and by the way, we were also charging you an "overage charge" for using the texting option. I explained to your employee that we always made it clear that we needed texting. Why was this not issue explained to us months ago when we demanding explanation and review of our contract and account? My question was also, "How can we be charged for being 'over' when there was evidently no texting option to begin with?" Your employee could not answer this. Therefore, your company charged us for every text message, plus an "over charge" fee to boot. Your company dropped the ball here for getting our contract wrong, and for not fixing the error when we questioned them dozens of times by phone and in person.

We have five kids and were very clear about our need for basic texting when we opened our account with you. Why in the world was this contract limitation NOT cleared up some nine months ago when we demanded answers for over-billing? Your employee last week just excused it as some communication break down, something that was somehow our fault. They did not so much as offer an apology, attempt to compensate us for the costs or the many hours of frustration we spent driving out to your stores trying to get answers. We live out in the country, not anywhere near a Verizon center, and the fuel, time, costs and frustration we incurred were significant. However, you just kept billing us.

Then, there is the insurance coverage you sold us, telling us how critical it was for us to have. When our phone was stolen, we took our time replacing the phone. When we finally went into your store to get a replacement, your employee told us that "The insurance was not any good because we had to replace the phone within 90 days of it being reported stolen". What?!? Your company never told us about that little caveat when we got the insurance plan they so greatly insisted we needed. In addition, to make matters worse, we were still being billed for insurance even though it was no longer even useable for months.

When questioned about this, your employee stated that "Oh, well, that's not us, that's the insurance people... you would have to talk with them". What!!? I told the employee that I was not impressed with such explanation or reasoning. Verizon was the one who aggressively persuaded us to buy the insurance package. Verizon is the one we paid for the insurance coverage. Verizon did not explain the 90-day caveat, and then continued to bill us every month even after the insurance was no longer even useable. We could care less about some third-party vender garbage. Verizon was responsible for this, not some other company.

Lastly, my wife had to have her phone replaced four times within a six-month period due to faulty software/component problems. Your records clearly show that we did not abuse our phones and the fault of failures was technical ones on behalf of your company. Once again, while we were frustrated about being over-billed without explanation, while we were duped about insurance that did not exist; we also had to deal with a phone that would not work. It kept shutting off for hours at a time, and we had to keep re-entering our contact information that kept being deleted. Lost calls, missed calls, intermittent service gaps, on and on it goes. What a mess. To top it off, we just found out that you never even cancelled our insurance as we requested months ago when we found out it was sub-standard. You kept billing us. We were still being billed for an insurance that should have been cancelled months ago at our request.

No doubt, you have an above average number of attorneys and accountants who possess an uncanny ability to finagle and implement hidden costs behind contractual charges that are almost impossible for the average consumer to understand or anticipate or find. Your marketing claims of quality service and products are also above average. The only other thing about your company, which is above average, is your incompetence, your greed, and your lax uncaring response and attitude toward faithful customers. You have milked us for about $800.00 dollars in my thinking, without so much as acknowledging some culpability in all of this.

I am on disability due to some severe health issues and we cannot longer support your "profit margin" objectives; not at our expense. All of our children and our parents are with Verizon. That is going to change. Consider our contract terminated; your services no longer acceptable. Your own actions and inaction have precipitated this early termination. You alone have not upheld your agreement to provide quality products and services per our agreement. Do not expect to get another dime from us. In addition, forget about some early cancelation fee being paid by us. You broke contract, not us. We will do our best to assist our five children and our aged parents (or anybody else we know for that matter), to discard your company and seek services elsewhere.

Lawrence - Verizon H8er ID: 1BB38C

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09/02/13 | 0:08AM

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