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11/18/11 | 5:46AM
Replacement #8

My husband & I signed up for Verizon in 2008. We just got some basic phones & were good to go. I eventually got me a smart phone (Droid 2 Global)for Valentine ’s Day of this year 2011. I had the phone until May when it started getting really hot & just wouldn’t work. I pay for the 6.99 a month insurance & they told me over the phone that I could get a ‘certified replacement’ phone. Within a month I was calling them back with the same issues. I received another Droid 2 Global & I experienced the same issues. I called back & received another one that had a busted speaker. I called back & had another one shipped to me the next day & the LCD was busted & leaking behind the screen I called back & had them send me another. During this whole process I would ask Verizon tech support “how many phone’s do I have to go through before I get one that works.” They stated they did not know! I started having more problems like the phone still heated up (I downloaded an internal temperature app) it was getting to 140 degrees!! Also the screen wouldn’t stop flickering & it ran slower day by day. While I was waiting for my SEVENTH replacement phone I called up Motorola & they were worse than Verizon. I let them know I had been to the Droid 2 Global forums & just about everyone was having these same problems. They couldn’t even give me a straight answer as to why they hadn’t re-called this phone & sent out a new phone entirely. Anyways I finally received replacement phone #7 & this freaking speaker is busted also. I actually talked to a decent human being from Verizon Tech Support who said he would be sending me a Motorola Droid 3, because I had been through so many phones. We had the order done before 4:30 pacific time & he said it would ship Thursday night & get here Friday. I never received the confirmation e-mail with the tracking number so I called them back & they said it wouldn’t be shipping till Monday, but we are leaving for 2 week vacation & will not be here to get it. Their solution… charging me an additional 20 dollars so the Fed-Ex man can deliver it this Saturday. If I didn’t need a phone on the road I would tell them to shove it, but with my luck I would really need it. I have also called about the inconsistent billing. One month we will owe 120 bucks & the next month it will be 140. I have a smart phone with an additional 30 dollar a month charge, but my husband still has his retarded LG voyager. I would also like an explanation of the inconsistent billing… Wish me luck on getting my Droid 3 in time & FOR IT TO NOT BE A FUCKING LEMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amanda - Verizon H8er ID: BCBFCB

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04/01/19 | 3:54AM
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CharlesSyday - Verizon H8er ID: 89F07C

04/05/19 | 8:56AM

Tessady - Verizon H8er ID: 0C58CC

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