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11/19/11 | 15:03PM
Double Charging

I switched to Sprint Oct 30. Verizon wants to charge me for the entire bill cycle in Nov because I disconnected my line THREE days into the bill cycle. I have had to call multiple times to try to even suspend my service and my husband's phone (It was a joint account, I kept my number and he changed his). This is not hard, we stopped using minutes on those phone The DAY we switched. I'm not disputing the contract breaking fee... even though I DID NOT have one on my phone before I added my new husband's line to my account. They say this charge for this bill cycle isn't negotible, but it doesn't really matter.... I can cost them more money by changing ONE PERSON's mind about signing up to Verizon. Go with Sprint... free unlimited data plans. Verizon will charge you 30 bucks per line for limited data plans.

Crowe - Verizon H8er ID: 686BB5

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11/20/11 | 8:08AM
Switch to Consumer Cellular...............
No contracts, cancel when you want, GREAT company.
Had them 9 months now and never an issue.

Former Vz Tech retired - Verizon H8er ID: 142747

12/06/11 | 0:17AM
per the customer agreement, under the contract you did sign, whenever a line is disconnected it is done on the last day of your billing cycle. be pissed at yourself for not reading your contract properly, not verizon for holding you to the contract you signed.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 8D212E

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