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11/21/11 | 14:43PM
I HATE VERIZON continued...

I wasn't finished with the previous story...
They would not change us back, they would not let us speak to a supervisor. They basically told us it was too bad.
We called back a second time and got a person that "acted" like they were going to try to help us. They screwed around for an hour and didn't get anything done. They even tried to transfer to a supervisor this time and they hung up on us.
We called again, and got the number of the corporate office and called there. They could not help us either and would not change it back.
Now I'm having a problem with voice mail. We asked them to take it off since I don't like calls going to it when we are on the phone. So they took it off.
Now, instead of going to voice mail, the phone just rings and rings. I called to see about getting it to have a busy signal. They said it would do that since i had call waiting. I asked to remove it. CUstomer service transferred me to web services since my "features" could be managed on line. Web service transferred me back. They did this 4 or 5 times - I swear! Finally, they said they would get a person on the phone before they transferred me and the new person said they could help. We wasted time going over how to change this on line. In the end she was not able to help me. She said I had to go on live chat - that was the ONLY WAY they could turn on voice mail again.
The person that talked us into this service never said any of these things - she didn't say that we would be stuck with this service forever;
she didn't say we couldn't switch back;
she didn't say what would happen if we turned off voice mail and she didn't say that we couldn't control the feature any longer and that we had to go to "live chat" to do anything.
This is the worst company- they have NO CUSTOMER SERVICE at all. Their employees are rude and they can't do anything but as if I'd like more features! I'd like NO FEATURES but I can't convince my husband to dump them and go with someone else.

Mrs Ellingson - Verizon H8er ID: 26E9CF

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11/24/11 | 23:02PM
When you have call waiting and not voice mail the person calling you hears ringing ONLY!!!!!and you hear the call waiting tone. Think about it.........no rocket science involved here. It's just like you are not at home and you don't have an answering machine (do they still make those???) it's 'ring ring ring ring'. kinda like it was 30 years ago.

Former Vz Tech retired - Verizon H8er ID: F357C5

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