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11/22/11 | 18:02PM
Straight Talk here I come

I had a smart pak plan with 2 lines connected. We had to change the secondary line to an older phone due to the newer phone getting destroyed and could not afford a newer phone. No problem. What they failed to tell me was now the new phone was NOT covered under the smart pak plan and would use up minutes every time internet was accessed. So after being hit with a 800 dollar bill I called to see why. They changed my plan without me knowing it when we had to put a different phone on the plan, but the "nice man" said they would credit "some" of the bill. From $800 to $650...no way...called again, and the supervisor I talked to said that in order to take anything else off, that I'd have to go back to the option that I ALREADY had, and be pro rated for the 6 months since they took it off, racking up another $120. But he would take the bill itself down to $400, pluse the $120 pro rate. So now I'm at $520. I told him that since I was never informed this was happening to my plan, that I was not responsible for any of the bull**** charges they were trying to give me, and mentioned the almighty FCC. He came back and told me that they would be happy to disconnect my lines for me and charge me an early termination fee, plus what I already "owe" them. I'm recently married and have a baby on the way, and can't really afford this. But I REALLY can't afford an attorney to try to dispute the charges, especially knowing Verizon probably has the sleaziest of the sleazy in their legal department. Any ideas? OR just bite the bullet? I told him that I could do $50 a month, and he said he made a note of that, should I be on the lookout for collection notices anyway? Moral of the stroy? Verizon is a bunch of crooks, and will never get anymore business from me or anyone I know. Oh, and when expressing my displeasure on their "fan page", my comments were IMMEDIATELY deleted. I find it funny actually, being in marketing I know the first thing to do is try to rectify a situation and turn a negative into a positive and you get more loyal consumers. All they had to do was realize this and they would have had a very happy customer who would gladly recommend them. But "screw the little guy, we don't need his money anyway" Ok Verizon, may you burn in hell.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 36F7ED

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