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11/23/11 | 3:10AM
verizon fires employee for reporting harrassment of manager / manager still employed

My name is Sharonda “Shay” Watts and I am a former employee of Verizon, I started my career, in 1997 with GTE as customer service representative in Missouri, and progressed into Management, which allowed me to relocate to Tampa, Florida. In 2007, I was lucky to join the Verizon Enhanced Communities Organization as a Sales Support Coordinator (SSC); this role was specifically created to assist the Sales Manager with reporting and other administrative duties. In November 2010, I was moved over into an “Acting” role of Account Manager; however I still retained the title of SSC.
I am writing the Board of Directors, because I feel very strongly about my situation and please do not view this as an antagonistic letter from a disgruntled employee, because it is not. This is a letter that shows how Verizon will exploit the core principles about integrity and respect to their employees for the outside world to see. However when it comes to Verizon’s internal organization, Verizon does not follow the rules, they oppress the very employees who a have been advised to follow these rules that govern the organization. How do I know? I am one of the oppressed.
Part of the Board of Directors statement is “Verizon’s governance principles are built on our core values of integrity and respect. The Board of Directors is charged with the general oversight of Verizon’s officers and employees to ensure that they perform in the long term best interests of our shareholders.” This board states and believes that they thrive on a very strong code of honor and ethics, so much that they have them inscribed for the public to view and for employees to follow, so much that, Verizon, makes it Code of Conduct available to the public and Verizon makes their employees review and sign the Code of Conduct every year.

I have upheld the Verizon Code of Conduct when it comes to Integrity, Respect, Performance Excellence and Accountability. I have been fired because I have upheld the principles of this company. Philosophies and Creeds that Verizon holds so sacred to the public and to first level employees, However; show true disregard to these same four principles when it comes to certain levels of upper management.
I will briefly explain here, as the situation is very complex to explain but very simple in nature, I was wrongfully terminated.

Integrity -
Integrity is at the heart of everything we do. We are honest and ethical.
I was asked by a Verizon Attorney, who did not identify himself, as Verizon’s attorney. If I had knowledge of a manger harassing a co-worker, I said yes I have the Instant Messages and emails, I sent him an example of an inappropriate comment. I had not heard anything from the attorney, since I sent him the email. As soon as I move to California I get subpoenaed to testify against Verizon (I had no idea). I was honest and ethical and came forward with evidence. How is it that I am fired and the offending manager is still working for the company, even though the evidence I provided to Human Resource clearly shows that he lied to Human Resource, Verizon’s attorney and on his depositions.
I was told that I would be moved into an “Acting role” as an account manager, this was temporary to see if I could do the job, and that I would have to interview for the job.
- Acting to me is temporary and if a candidate is not selected then they are automatically moved back into their old position, not RIFFED and told their job had been eliminated when you have 2 people doing the same job and holding the same title still doing their job. I was set up to be fired.
- How can an organization RIF a position that they never held RMM (this org. never had an SSC even with the split, my position did not move over.
- If my position was eliminated, how is there an SSC sitting in Florida
o I was in an acting role, which means I should have been placed back into my role or given the option to retreat. Like another employee who was able to retreat back to her old position.
- Although I had expressed the desire to relocate to California and that I was going to leave Florida. The SSC job can be done remotely ( there is an employee , who currently holds the same title , she lives in Texas and her boss sits in California

We know it is critical that we respect everyone at every level of our business. We champion diversity, embrace, and individuality and listen carefully when others speak.
I had worked for this company for 13 years and I have respect for all leadership, I may not agree with all of it, but I do respect my peers, Managers and Executives, but just as you listed INTEGRITY first. Integrity far exceeds respect, and when you see that managers and certain organizations do not have that, you either try to make it better or distance yourself.
No one listened to me in Human Resource (HR), no one in HR conducted a proper interview when this employee complained about this manager, if they had I would have been interviewed and they would have gotten all of the information they needed. Human Resource failed to listen to me or assist me, when I had questions and concerns about why I was being riffed when none of my counterparts had been let go.

Performance Excellence –
We hold ourselves to very high standards of performance…… We never stop asking ourselves how we can make the customer experience better, and every day we find an answer.
Performance Excellence – part of performance excellence is telling the truth, standing up for what you know and feel is right, following the proper procedures, going to those people who are put in place to assist you.
I went to Human Resource advised them that my last review had been padded and fabricated, in the 13 years that I have worked for the company I have never had a bad review, I did not even get a chance to review and sign it, it was submitted without my knowledge. I am also an employee of Verizon am I not also a customer/client of Human Resource. When I seek assistance and answers, instead I get blown off with policies and procedures and company pomposity, as well as some Human Resource language and procedures that they think I would not understand. However they forget I hold an undergrad in Human Resource Management.
- According to my last review, if I was doing such a horrible job as he indicated, the manager should have advised me of this and made a recommendation that I retreat back to my old job.
- I was not given an option to retreat back , as one of my counterparts was allowed to retreat back to her old job( why was I not given this option)
- However, this manager advised me I was not selected, however he wanted to keep the position open and keep me on as Acting, if he did not want to do that, he should have advised me, so that I can make a decision. (We are entitled to change our minds) if the position was not going to be available I would have considered other options.

We take responsibility for our actions as individuals, as team members, and as an organization. We work together, SUPPORT one another and never let the customer or our co-workers down. Great Companies are judged by what they do, not what they say.
I have taken accountably for all of my actions, I have not let down my team members, I told the truth about what happened, I have done all of my work to the best of my ability, I have taken accountability for my own career, by furthering my education and receiving my degree and moving on to my Master’s Program. I take responsibility for not reporting his harassment earlier, but that was out of fear of being the next one to be in the line of fire and being scorned by Human Resource.
Verizon pounds these policies and code of ethics down our throats, however once it is reported they scorn you for making a report. They do not want to believe that it is happening in their organization or they just do not want to investigate. It is really sad, that all of this could have been avoided if someone took the time to investigate the concerns.
Something needs to be done, it seems as if Verizon is rewarding inappropriate behavior and managers that lie about their direct reports, the managers either end up getting promoted or moved to another department , while the employee is stuck in their position, left to be antagonized by the managers friend, or they have been ostracized from moving onward and upward .
I wrote this letter in hopes that you will see that Integrity is loss, somewhere between middle management and below High Ranking Senior Executives. They apply rules and policies, how they see fit and not without prejudice or by due process according to the Code of Conduct.

If I were in a court of law and provided all the evidence that I have, I would in no doubt win my case, however since, Verizon Riffed me, the day I got back from FMLA after undergoing a serious procedure, and I resided in Florida (a right to work state) I was not concerned about pay, I was more concerned about Health and Prescription insurance. Because we all know that medical procedures and prescriptions prices are very expensive without insurance. I signed the general release because of Insurance, had I not signed within 30 days I would not have gotten the insurance benefits, that frightened and concerned me since I have had insurance coverage all of my life. Sometimes when talking with the Human Resource Department, I felt like I was speaking with an Insurance Representative, who tells you, that Cancer is a pre-existing condition and we will not cover that condition.
I am hoping that you will find insight into these truthful accounts about what is happening within the ranks of Verizon, sometimes Executives and Board members are so far away from the actual front ranks they forget what it was like to work in trenches or this situation doesn’t get heard until it becomes a civil lawsuit or it hits the media

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 00739A

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11/24/11 | 23:23PM
Sounds familiar.....I too was fired as 1st level on flawed security investigattion. It was a witch hunt.

Frmr manager - Verizon H8er ID: 0E1638

11/29/11 | 17:06PM
Verizon being an ex monopoly and still a psuedo monopoly in many areas are used to getting what they want. After divestiture in 1984 personal career and job survival became the number one priority amongst that generation of employee. They passed down their survival tactics on purpose to their underlings or those underlings simply observed the way business was done. They use those same tactics even if they are not legal or ethical.

Sounds like someone with a Napoleon complex has got the old boy old school network in place. This is going to be hard to beat until others come forward.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: E897CE

12/01/11 | 13:29PM
Sharonda, my family has faced VZ politics as well. Starting with GTE Virginia and moving to Florida in 1997, my job was eliminated in July 2005 ending my 13 year career. My position was added back in 2007. With the no hire back policy, I could not apply for my old job.

Politics,favoritism and a minute racial bias began to become apparent after the VZ merger. Those in the "core management" and "management promotible" were mentored such that their resumes were padded with hyped up qualifications, duties and accomplishments. The ethics policy at VZ is merely a sheet of paper signed each year that can be used to fire you for the simplest error or infraction.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: B3C8AE

01/20/12 | 1:52AM

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: CC50A8

02/11/13 | 23:29PM
I was fired by the verizon. The order came from the vp level she is a bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: D71308

03/08/19 | 12:40PM
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