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11/29/11 | 3:04AM
Verizon f**ks up call forwarding request

The back story:
My parents are in their late 70's, and have very recently moved to a retirement community. The phone number at their old house is still active so that people who don't yet know about their new number will be able to easily leave messages for them. My father has advanced pancreatic cancer, so some of these calls are quite important.

I'm out from California for a couple of weeks to see my Dad, and to help both my parents with the transition. After several days of having to go back to the old house to pick up messages left on the answering machine there, it occurs to me that it would be much better if we could just get Verizon to forward calls made to the number at the old house to the number at the new apartment. Verizon has a call forwarding service - how hard could it be?

1st Call: I call Verizon, and get a chipper customer support rep who says no problem, and the order will go through in a couple of days.

2nd Call: I wait three days, and the service is not set up. I call Verizon and get a different chipper customer support rep who tells me that the service has been set up, but that I need to go to the old house and dial *72, then the phone number of the new apartment, to get the calls to forward.

3rd Call: I'm at the old house. It's late November, and there is no heat. *72 gives me a busy signal. So does 72#. I use my phone to google the problem, and the intertubes suggest that the service has not actually been set up after all. I call Verizon again, and get a different chipper customer support rep who tells me that there are actually two types of call forwarding, and that the one involving *72 was not actually set up on this line. The other kind was set up, but it takes 10 rings to kick in. Before those 10 rings happen, the answering machine at the house is taking the call. She suggests that we change the settings to forward after 1 ring. She tells me that change will go into effect by Monday.

4th Call: Monday afternoon. Not only is the call not forwarding, it appears to be getting picked up by *Verizons* answering service. My parents are not technically saavy enough to use Verizon's answering service, so we have now gone from a situation in which getting messages was difficult - but possible - to a situation in which getting messages is no longer possible. This is not an improvement. I call Verizon and get another customer service representative who says that the date on the job was entered incorrectly, but she's now corrected it and the service will be running properly by 7PM.

5th Call: 8:30 PM. Service still not working. I call Verizon and am told that everything is good but that the status of the account is still pending, so the change hasn't quite made its way through yet. But it will certainly be done by 9PM.

6th Call: 9:15 PM. Service still not working. I call Verizon and get a recording - in Spanish - telling me that the department that I'm trying to reach is closed. I try a different set of options and get the same recording. (No, I did not ask for the Spanish language option. Nor did I ask for the 'fuck you' option, although that seems to be what I got.)

I'm going back to California tomorrow, and not only has Verizon not been able to set up the forwarding correctly, they've also managed to prevent my parents from getting potentially very important messages coming in on the old number (remember the bit about my father having pancreatic cancer? We've given the hospital the new number, but they seem to have some trouble remembering it. Not to mention the various relatives calling to send their wishes that my Dad will probably never hear now.)


carolyn - Verizon H8er ID: AAFBCF

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11/30/11 | 11:00AM
Did your parents move to a new new location within the same city???? If so.......why didn't you have their same number moved to the new address???????????? Simple

Vz Tech - Verizon H8er ID: 46DDD7

12/03/11 | 15:00PM
Standard protocol from Verizon. I had the same problem this month - ordered discontinuation of service and forwarding to a different number. They managed to disconnect with no problem but couldn't get the forwarding turned on. I am convinced that they do this on purpose.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 632C41

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Stevempinc - Verizon H8er ID: 60DBBE

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