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12/10/11 | 22:18PM
Verizon mistake costing me a lot of money

I signed up for a bundle that Verizon was offering for Fios. I wanted to retain my phone number and I was told I could do so. When the technician came out, they set us up with a new phone number. I called Verizon and they said they could set us up with our old phone number once they disconnected the new phone number. They did this and I thought everything was fine until 4 months later, our service was interrupted for non-payment. It turns out that they created two accounts for us when they corrected our phone number problem. I have been calling them on a monthly basis since February of 2011 (when I found out about the mistake). Not only did they create two accounts for us, but we did not get billed at the bundle rate. Everything that was suppose to be free for the first year, we paid for. We overpaid for months! I called several times and was told that they would research it and someone would call me. No one has EVER called me. I have pulled from my bank records every payment we have ever made and TOLD them that I could go over every payment with someone on the phone but as I said, I have received no call. The last time I called them, I was told that someone did the research (news to me) and they felt that everything was even. I disagreed saying that I overpaid for several months because I was not receiving the bundle offers and ONCE AGAIN asked that they research and asked that they CALL ME. Never heard from them. The person I spoke with told me that there was NO way they could go back and see exactly what they were offering in October of 2010 (when I signed up). REALLY!!?? They keep NO records of the initial plans people sign up for? During this time, they put $600 dollars in dispute (meaning I didn't have to pay it). Now they are sending me a bill for $613.00 which is the disputed charges and on the bill it states that I should pay it to avoid interruption. I have been dealing with these people for MONTHS on this issue and they NEVER get it right. Does anyone know of ANYTHING I can do? Can I sue them for this little amount of money and all of the time I have spent trying to work this out!?

LELE - Verizon H8er ID: 71F551

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12/11/11 | 20:49PM
Good luck trying to sue......Where I live we have one of our local TV stations with an investigative reporter who looks into things like this then reports the findings on the air. They get quick results............See if one of your TV stations does this. If so you will be surprised how fast the company will respond.

I feel your pain.I used to work for Verizon and I can tell you first hand they do SUCK. I no longer have any services from them. Go figure, a former employee telling you the company I worked for is horrible....but it's true. Get away from them

Former Vz manager - Verizon H8er ID: C13F20

12/16/11 | 12:48PM
call the puc

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: AECD7A

12/16/11 | 17:03PM
The fact they pulled your phone service means they are not fullfilling their end of the FIOS bundle contract. A seperate bill and disconnect of a phone should have triggered an alarm of somekind pointing out the customer wasn't holding their end of the contract.

Try to condense your story a little using as many facts including names,dates and/or service order and trouble ticket numbers. File as a complaint with your state utility regulators and the FCC. And for documentation purposes notify the local Better Business Bureau since there are optional services involved.

Many regulators don't care but seem to forget Verizon and others are making billions off of public rights of ways. They must be reminded of this. They are selling what many consider optional non necessary services over public rights of way with easements to private propery-FOR PROFIT.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: A66067

12/18/11 | 3:11AM
A similar thing happened to me a couple of years back. I had signed up for an internet and phone package and had called back within a couple of minutes to change the order and have them ship me the modem and when I got my modem and self install kit i couldn't setup the service because they said that the telephone number they gave me the first time was the not the one assigned to the account so they told me not to use that telephone number and the provided me a different telephone number. A couple days later i get another package that contained the same thing exept with the my name mispelled. When I got the kit i could'nt setup the internet service and they had to send a tech out to do some rewiring and of course I had to pay for that too. Comcast doesnt charge for that! Fast forward thru this I find out that they had setup two accounts for me: one account with my name misspelled and one account with the correct spelling. I had explained to them they were double charging me which was their mistake. Both accounts were started around the same time with the same address and i had given them my social when I signed up so i don't know why they didn't see this on their end unless they wanted to double charge me. I never used the other modem and i hadn't even opened the box. So I received two different bills and called customer service to find out why and they did not have an explanation for me and wanted to force me to pay both bills. I don't remember what the resolution was because I so upset. I did disconnect the service and paid only one of the bills. I feel like a big company like Verizon should have resources to check service and agents trained in their billing system. Verizon sucks! I am never ever going back. I love my Comcast and I tell this story to everyone who talks about switching to Verizon.

VZScks - Verizon H8er ID: F5DCAA

12/28/11 | 20:58PM
The best thing to do is to document it all in a letter to your state's attorny general's office. That is the ONLY THING that got Verizon to correct their "mistakes" with me.

Fed Up with Corporate Greed - Verizon H8er ID: BB891B

01/09/12 | 17:55PM
After posting this, I went to my county web site and filed a consumer protection complaint. The site stated that the vendor would have to be contacted. I have not done anything with this due to the holidays. I just called Verizon to check the status of my account and see why no one from their research department has not called me back. They gave me a credit of the full amount of dispute. They didn't put me off or argue the point at all. He said that he calculated the amount I was overcharged based on what I was suppose to get for free or discounted with the bundle and just did a credit on my account. I am not sure if the consumer protection file had anything to do with it but they were a lot more helpful than they have been since I started calling them about this problem in February of 2011. Of course I will wait until my next bill to get excited.

LELE - Verizon H8er ID: 71F551

04/26/19 | 8:48AM

BarryCRELT - Verizon H8er ID: 9F10CB

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