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09/12/06 | 3:26AM
I work for VBTS

I have worked for verizon buisness technical support (dsl)for 2 years. I know that verizon has 3 centers 2 American one Canadian. we dont hire in India. We spend our whole day fixing order problems made by sales people who, are rushed by customers, or rush. and enter incorrect info. causing orders to fallout. Honestly half the time people spend a half hour to an hour on the phone, 15 to 30 mins of this they spend screaming and yelling, causing newer agents to make even more mistakes. When you have problems being ignorant and isulting peoples intelligence only will cause them to want to screw u over, or accidentally make a mistake. (obviously) I will tell u how to get what u want from Verizon Buisness Technical Support (dsl). I dont know about the rest of the company. when u call verify the acct info. dont start blabbing, let the agent have a few mins to read the past notes for clues on the issue then explain. (we dont need to know that u wear womens panties etc). then do the trouble shooting. if you refuse we cant send a tech. we need to figure wether physical issues are caused by dsl or telephone service. so u get the right technician. for order problems let the tech think or youll be calling back. and if a tech is sayim um ahh a lot, ask them to double check with someone. my sight is much better than any sight in the past we will in time takover verizon tech. be patient we cant take over in one day. we are also reporting issues to higher levels about other support centers. hope this helps some people out. thank u VBTS

- Verizon H8er ID: E263CC

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03/22/08 | 8:33AM
You ignorant dolt.. how dare you presume to tell anyone how to act. My english, as well as my manners are near perfect. You never talked to such a nice individual as me, people love talking to me because I'm thoughtful, pleasant, and stimulating to speak with. Business's love me because I'm hastle free, understanding and courtious, not to mention generous when I get good service. And patient like you wouldn't believe. Verizon is scum. The sludge of the corporate world. All I want to do is see verizon destroyed. Without mercy, crushed. All it's employees dispersed, and it's corporate money mongers ruined and imprisoned.

- Verizon H8er ID: 414BA4

03/08/11 | 8:07AM
You and every Verizon employee deserve to be put out on the street...you do not deserve our business dollar! Why?
Because your business department is the meanest and most despicable department in business and yes, ruin it for everybody in the company.
I am usually very cal and mild mannered UNTIL I start calling Verizon and dealing with their business department and in my case a foiled attempt at getting an unjust termination fee cancelled.
But no, they have pushed it to the point of turning it over to a collections agency. How nice of your company...yes, your company.
So, to help my future health concerns, I will just go away and hope that your company goes down the tubes and the sooner the better.

just a thought... - Verizon H8er ID: CD08FF

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