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12/13/11 | 0:31AM
I will make 2012 the year I leave Verizon permanently

They basically charged me for internet and phone that I was not getting. They told me I had a refund coming. It never came and they said there was no record of it ever being processed when I clearly talked to them and was told I was getting the money in 4-5 weeks. $551.00. They tried to use the excuse that I had to have jacks installed which was not true. I thought I had to have jacks installed and I didn't and figured this out when they came. I thought I had to because I was not getting phone service and assumed the jacks were dead from the previous owner of the apt. What do I know layman that I am. Basically their thieves. That's all. It's nothing new with companies like this. I will be going to Time Warner and it's totally worth it to change my email. Verizon can go suck it. They're absolute money grubbing asses.

Amy - Verizon H8er ID: 03293B

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12/16/11 | 15:50PM
Unfortunetly inside wire is not Verizon's or the telco's responibility it is the customers and/or possibly the building owners.

You can look for a gray box or NID/network interface device mounted somewhere on or in the building if a smaller apt building. Large buildings the NID is big telco panel with an orange cover on it

It is in this box that your wires should be connected and hopefully labeled. Again look for the NID, it should be a gray box OR a telco panel with an orange cover on it inside the building somewhere. You might not have access and have to call the landlord or building owner to find out where and how to get access. They might only allow a tech or contractor to access them.

Was a tech ever sent out was this a self install?

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 0F69D5

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