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12/13/11 | 18:49PM
Analogue to Digital at Verizon-Bribes? Outsourcing achieved?

I saw this story today where Siemens was involved in a bribery scam for about at least a 10 year period from 1996 to 2007. That they know about.


Makes you wonder. Verizon started it's digital conversion in many local central offices in the mid 90s by replacing analogue switches & frames with Siemens digital switches. Some of this might have been covered under fair trade practices but it makes you wonder with other manufacturers out there were they able to outsource & decrease the value of the senior c o & switching techs at onetime on purpose(planned obsolesence). Verizon sub contracted the installation and tech support for these Seimens switches in many areas of the country. The company then 'carefully' selected who would be sent for training on these new Siemens switches. Those without training are/were made obsolete.

The Siemens switches aren't bad but Lucent & Nortel among others also made switches at the time. Also just like the outside network a tech get's a better understanding of the product and/or network if they help build it, test it and fix it's problems from scratch. Digital technology brought in/opened the door to alot of outsourcing that decreased the capabilities of the company and it's customer service.

Was this aspect of the information super highway at Verizon because of bribes?

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: E2E23F

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