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12/18/11 | 12:19PM
If everythings don't change anything or you will be screwed

It all started when I tried Vonage. I tried it for about a month till I got my verizon internet bill. I had auto pay through debit and all of a sudden my once $30 bill became $60. Thats when the trouble began. I called and they told me since I cancelled phone service I had a dry line for DSL. I explained that $60 just for internet is stupid and the reply was nothing they can do. I finally told them then put me back the way I was before (Phone and internet) which was basic phone no long distance and DSL seperate. I was told they could bundle it cheaper and I would get long distance voice etc... So I had them bundle it. This took at least 4 to 5 hrs and many transfers. so now I am told that it will take 2 weeks to change over and in the meantime I am now overdrafted in my account because they took out extra $30. So then after getting it all setup they called and said they have to send out a tech to do the change. I said wow how is that when everything is switched at the main office. I finally said whatever as long as I get phone and internet. The day arrived for them to come out and turn on the phone and they screwed that up. the put my phone on one pair of wires and the internet on the other. I told them since I have cell phones I need internet more than a phone cause they said it could take 1 to 2 days to fix. okay now it is fixed I think everything is great. They credit my account for the extra $30 so my bill for the freedom essentials was low in Sept. yet the bill said nothing about internet. I called and said why does the bill only show phone service and not internet they replied that freedom essentials included the internet. ok no problem. I pay the bill for Sept, Oct, Nov, then december I get a bill as usual but this time I get a suspension notice on my internet. Wow I call and explained that this $106 bill is not mine. I have been paying the $54.99 package since sept. They explain that the internet though hasn't been paid since August. I said how is that possible when I have a bundle. They said it hasn't been bundled that the internet was seperate. well I explained why didn't I get a bill for that till 4 months later. They said I had paperless bill. I explained that I had autopay and they replied that I could go to verizon.com to see my bill. I said I never have setup or logged on to verizon.com and that When i did try I could never get in. They said sorry but i have to pay the full amount or suspend my service. Well after going round and round and transfered back and fourth from billing to payment dept. I finally got my accounts joined together and get it bundled. I then still had to pay the internet account at least $90 to keep service on. I did that and now thinking everything is ok. Hours later and the office is now closed my internet went from 7mbps to 1mbps down. I call tech support and they told me my line was provisioned for 3mbps. I said that is not true and it should be 7mbps down and I am only 5000 feet from the main office and that I have been getting 7mbps down for months now. I then said even if i was provisioned for 3mbps down I am only getting 1mbps down. So they put in for a test on the line and that won't be finished till Dec 19. And I am still only provisioned for 3Mbps and would have to call billing to get it changed. The next morning I called billing and they are telling me that 3mbps is all that is available for my area. I said bullshit I had 7Mbps down and I want 7Mbps down. after going round and round with the lady she told me that the tech order has to be finished first to see what is the max speed availble for my area. Till then I am at 1mbps down. each dept doesn't know what the other is doing and the customer has to suffer. so I will wait ti the 19th of dec. but in the mean time I am going to go with charter internet and I can get 15Mbps down for the same price. Verizon doesn't care about the customer and they will not work with you. Igt's what they say goes. I even told the lady that did the bundle and said this will not effect the speed I currently have and she said no. so i had 7mbps down then when they put the bundle order in they put me at 3mbps down but in reality I am at 1mbps down and .34mbps up. I can't really use iCloud or anythi9ng that requires me to upload cause that is slower than dail up. What gives. My 3G iPhone is faster than DSL. Where is the broadband in broadband internet.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 34AD06

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12/18/11 | 16:39PM
All these problems stem from the fact that they were a monopoly, at ex baby bell at it's finest. This also includes the copper wire plant from the monopoly days.

As far as them setting you up for 3M that should be only at the office and not the plant. There is little or NO middle ground when it comes to outside copper plant when it comes to data transmission, even fax and alarm lines can be affected with troubles on copper wire. When they pick a copper pair or set of wires for you and it's a data line that copper must test under ideal conditions including low db loss, hopefully under 15db, especially 5K from co.

The problem with billing comes from union contracts, regionalization of customer service offices, different computer systems, varying training and procedure knowledge and flatout imcompetent employees including management. The problem at Verizon and the other baby bells is that the workforce is in battle with Verizon almost year round. Their goal is survival at the company and not the best customer service.

Anytime you deal with them get names,dates, ticket and service order numbers, customer service rep employee numbers or at least first name. Give them an ultimatium to fix. If not fixed send letters with a condensed version of your saga to state and federal regulators. Can even send to the local BBB just for documentation purposes(they have no regulatory authority but if they at least they won't get a good bbb rating). Can even try mailing the Verizon executives.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 528C40

12/18/11 | 20:08PM
Bravo...........well said.

Are you sure you don't work for Verizon??? Be honest!!!

Former Vz manager - Verizon H8er ID: 48F5A4

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