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12/20/11 | 4:05AM

My husband ordered me an Iphone 4s for my birthday on december 3rd with the promise that it would ship DEC 16. I received an email on the 14th saying that after my weeks of waiting my phone may or may not be shipped on the 16th. I called 2 stores, talked to reps online and called customer service a total of 12 times (20 min calls each) and everyone kept confirming the email was spam and my phone would ship on the 16th and arrive on the 17th. I called back many times because my account was still never charged and I never received a shipping number. I had three people PROMISE to follow up via texts and phone calls and never heard back from anyone. I finally got ahold of a supervisor who promised the phone would arrive Monday. Today is that Monday. I called verizon today, and after 12 phone calls of being very patient and easy going, I GOT NASTY. I was rude and pushy and bitchy and guess what?? I finally got an answer. They reward you for being ANGRY. The answer? The order was never even processed. The phone was not going to come and would never come. Their reason? Something went wrong in their system and they didn't get the agreement to terms and conditions that I signed in the store. So are they going to rush me a phone? NO! I have to wait with all of the customers who ordered their phone last minute to receive it sometime in January. They said I also had the option of canceling my order and going to Apple and picking it up the next day. ARE YOU KIDDING??? This is possible!?!?!? Why after a million times of me asking if there was anywhere I could get the phone, not one service rep told me this? I went ahead and cancelled the order after the service rep assured me that the I would be able to get my phone today and that she had checked with apple. Went on the apple site when I got home, guess what the iphone I ordered is not available? F*** ME! My entire family plan, and the plan they had nearly sold to my husband is going straight to AT&T

TDW - Verizon H8er ID: CA1B47

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