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12/22/11 | 3:22AM
Constant, Inconvenient Disconnections

Set up just fine, everything worked for two weeks or so. After that, constant disconnections if I do anything "strenuous" like watch Youtube videos and multiple downloads and online tasks/windows.

I call them up, they did the typical "resetting the router" procedures, which I kindly told the Indian I've been doing that for the past hour, but I still had to do it again ANYWAY. So then he "ran some tests" yadda yadda yadda. Had a technician test the line the next day, and he called my voicemail and notified that it WAS a problem on their end, and they've fixed it. I get home, the internet works for... an hour. Next thing you know, disconnections every two seconds AGAIN.

Every few nights or so the internet will actually stop having a fucking hernia and just goddamn work for the long haul. Most nights however, it just acts like a piece of shit and keeps cutting me off. Is Verizon really "doing maintenance" all these damn times? What the fucking Christ?

I am actually tethering my Droid for this internet session, THROUGH VERIZON of all companies. But crappy 3G cell phone signal is more reliable than a Verizon DSL landline, apparently.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 504C64

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12/22/11 | 14:55PM
Sounds like your copper wire pair or set of wires to the central office are getting wet and drying out somewhere. It just takes moisture to put troubles on the line. Sometimes the voltage from use or testing can dryout the trouble. But it usually comes back until the problem is actually repaired.

If possible, call in a trouble immediately after it happens so they are more likely to test when it is occuring.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 3EA8F5

12/25/11 | 16:34PM
I agree with the last statement.......ALSO, you say it happens at night most of the time?? In what part of the country do you live? If you are in a cold climate the temperature can affect the aerial conductors if there is a weak splice, worn spot in the conductor etc the cold could cause the conductor to go "open" or just cause static which will affect the DSL and there are several reasons this could happen which is too long to explain here.. You need to note at what time it happens and if the cold could be the cause. You should ask that they send a tech out to do a pair change[swap] and use a new pair if one is available.

If one is not available they have to "condition" a spare pair to accomodate DSL. If there are load coils on the pair they have to be cut out and the pair spliced through as a "clean" copper pair.

Load coils are placed on the line for regular dial tone. They are there to keep the volume constant and not sound like you are in a tunnel or far away.

Remember....when Plain Old Telephone Service [POTS] began computers were not around then so all had load coils in place.

Former Vz manager and tech - Verizon H8er ID: FBE169

12/26/11 | 15:15PM
exvzmanager is correct. Load coils are one of the legacy pieces of technology that could be left on your line or cable pr. Another thing that the baby bells used to do was they used the same cable/pr in multiple locations. It wasn't til after divestiture that they started dedicating cable prs to one location.

If you have a legacy cable/pr that means there could be extra unnecessary footage on you line. Also means there are more chances of trouble including trouble in an abandoned building with that line still hooked up to it.

Some basic electronics/electricity speak: Over simplified the old baby bell cable networks were like a parallel electrical circut. They should be dedicated series circuts.

A data line of anykind should've been conditioned before being connected including removing un-necessary/extra cable footage, removing/disconnecting unused drops and fixing ANY trouble now matter how small or minor. The test on that line should be darn near perfect including low db loss. I don't know if they are giving results when testing your line but see if can get some numbers from them.

And again phone in trouble anytime you have it while it's occuring if possible. Start documenting who, what & when including service request numbers. Give them one last chance to fix then if no results go the state utility regulators and the FCC.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: B5EE7A

04/26/19 | 7:22AM

DennisLex - Verizon H8er ID: 74F2DE

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