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12/22/11 | 17:05PM
Surprises, surprises, and yet more surprises on my bill(s)...

I have been a Verizon prisoner for 5 years now. I live in Montana,where covarage is scarce among other wireless carriers, even though I live in a metropolis area in the state. So my optiins for getting away from Verizon are very limited. I wanted to switch to Sprint, but their coverage was listed as "Fair" when I called them. I've found that with wireless carriers, "Fair" translates to "Complete Crap". So I stay with a Verizon out of pure necessity, and lack of other options. Other carriers are far too expensive for what I need. Verizon has screwed with me from day numero uno, which NOW, doesn't shock me. In fact, I've learned over the years that bending over and taking it is my only option with these worthless morons. Problems are rarely solved, customer service reps are usually under educated, poorly trained idiots who all have the accents of hoodrats trying to make a living delivering mediocre customer service to people who are under the thumb of their company. My most recent complaint...I think it is quite unfair that there are absolutely no notifications, via text, E-mail, etc indicating that you are about to exceed your monthly allotted minutes. So therefore, if you do not check and re-check your minutes usage, (which people shouldn't have to do anyway), you're inevitably going to be screwed. Yet again. I went over my minutes recently, which hardly ever occurs with me. I went over my minutes by nearly 2 hours, not realizing that a friend I was calling was not a Verizon customer. Verizon reps did nothing to remedy the situation, so I called back, trying to find a more helpful representative. Thankfully, I found a nice young lady who was apologetic, and obviously hated Verizon as badly as I do. She credited my account $30 for mere inconvenience, which I found surprising. But whatever, I accepted it. Happy. Well then, I get a notification thst I'm eligible for an early upgra on my phine-via text message. (Note: they are more than willing to send you texts alerting you of new ways to remain a prisoner, but no texts alerting you that you might be incurring additional charges to your account). So I get online and find a phone I thought I wanted; the LG EnV Touch. I have a tablet, so a smart phone is not something I need. I called Verizon directly, to ask a rep if this new phone was reliable, had good ratings, etc. I was assured that I would love this phone, and that complaints on it are hardly every reported. I called a second time, to get another rep's opinion of the phone, just to be sure. Well, of course I got the same response that this phone is just dandy. Like an idiot, I trusted this 2nd moron, and ordered the phone. Both representatives assured me that if I did not like this phone, I had a 14 day trial period in which I could return the phone "with no hassle" if I indeed found that I did not like it. Ha! Well I get the phone, and immediately dislike it. Training words for text messaging is literally impossible, even if you ever in new trained words to your quick texts. They are trained for about 3 to 34 hours, at which point, you need to re-train the words. Annoying as hell, since I have to use a lot of people's names in my texts. Also, this phone drops Cal's like it was nobody's business, and when I try to call them back, I get a No Service beep. To add to the fun, the sound quality is crap, and options on the phone are extremely limited. So I decide to take advantage of my 14 day trial period, and I call Verizon. I get a rep who has the personality of a brick wall, and that lovely accent. She tells me that I need to send the phone back, at cost...once they receive the phone, they will then refund my money in the form of a gift card, or crediting my account. Gee, thanks. Well, sperate for a different phone, I agree to this. Then she tells me there's a $35 restocking fee to return the phone. Uh, what?? I explain to her that this fee was not revealed to me with the previous representatives, and of course, she did not care, because she hates her job, and hates Verizon. I ended up hanging up on her because she was completely useless as a resource for solving this problem. Since this morning,I have been blogging, posting, facebooking, etc my displeasure with Verizon. I will slur their name across every avenue I can find, hopefully saving prospective Verizon customers om the consistent butt rape they will experience with this poor excuse for a company. Other problems I have had with them? Strange charges, mystery fees, and un-told actions that go against your minute usage (like calling your OWN voicemail)!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: EFCD3D

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celinail16 - Verizon H8er ID: 7FF5C2

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