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12/27/11 | 21:18PM
How to steal money from your custumers

My daughter wanted me to have a great deal on a Verizon Long distance telephone service for only $20.00 as a Christmas gift. Verizon clerk told her for $20.00 monthly I could talk long distance inside USA only as long as I wanted and it will only be $20.00 monthly always. He anwser all her question with positve remarks and no problems if you bring it back if it does not work or will not work with my computer. Guess what? IT DIDN'T WORK. It knock out my Internet Service that I pay for through Verizon DSL for I have my computer hook to their DSL and my house phone through Verizon. How can it be possible that it wouldn't work and not only it knock out my Internet but my home phone didn't work either. No house phone and no internet. She call for help those idiots kept giving her canceled, non existant phone numbers and she had to wait such a long time at least close to half hour to get on the line to customer service. Who ever answer the phone had no clue what she was talking about and kept asking her if she had DSL service etc. She had my Verizon DSL account number, my house phone no# and yet they still acted so dumb and gave her the run around. We Completely gave up and I told her to take it back to the store and get her money back. At the store they try to reach verizon, 1/2 waiting no luck! When she told them how it knock out my DSL and my Verizon house phone they acted aloof like "who cares". When she asked for her money back they accussed her of using the item for a while, which was untrue, it was unwrapped today. They told her that the signals were on the machine and she had to pay for all the days the machine was used which was only today to try to install it. They also demanded a restocking $35.00 charge, and that she will received another bill in the mail for breaking contract etc. She was so furious, she was never told anything like restocking, extra charges for untimely return, charges for the signal off the machine when it was still wrapped underneath the Cxmas tree. When she went to the verizon store and purchase the machine she had a long talk with the clerk who sold it to her. She made sure she understood what had to be done and if it didn't work with my computer that she could return it without problems. He lied or he didn't know what he was talking about!!!! Of course he wasn't there and they treated my daughter as if she was nuts and crude when she a well educated schooled girl. So, that is how Verizon treats its customer, they lie and then play dumb. Since she has fantastic credit she had to forfeit all the money she paid, give them that hellish machine, and now pay another bill when it gets in the mail so that it will not damage she credit score. You know, Verizon, YOU ARE A THIEVE!!!! The FBI should investigate you!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 5F2FBA

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