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12/28/11 | 19:24PM
Frustrated with VZ service

I pay for 3.0Mbps....but Verizon only allows a download speed of below 1.5Mbps. I have seen download speeds of 0.16Mbps. It wasn't always like this only in the last year or so.

I call customer service and get a foreigner in India who I can't understand. They refuse to send me to an American customer service rep. I hang up and repeat this several times...never do I get an American customer service rep.

If the indian and I can struggle through the frustrating call of 'would you repeat that; again' and a field tech is sent. Amazingly before he arrives at the house the service improves to about 3.0Mbps...and he checks the line and says there is no problem...but shortly after he leaves the download speed is again reduced to below 1.5Mbps.
And so it goes...I pay for 3.0Mbps....verizon throttles the system to only allow below 1.5Mbps.

The VZ execs probably see this savings of bandwidth as a profitable activity. And why not there is no alternative service in the area so it's not like I am going to drop the phone/internet service.
I live in a suburbs of Dallas, Texas.
My property is less much than 15000 ft from the central office in the center of town and there are businesses, subdivisions, firestation, VZ field offices between my house and the c.o. Plus the high school is just passed my house. So it isn't like I am in a remote area.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 52F40B

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