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12/29/11 | 18:18PM
No Help

I called on behalf of a company that is having trouble with a fax line and has been for 2 weeks. They came last week and said it was fixed, but it still is not working. I got someone in Customer "Service" on the phone. She said I needed to verify the name on account and address. I provided our company owner name, John Doe, and our business address. I stated it might go to their home address, but I could provide that as well. She said the info didn't match. I asked which info and she said she couldn't tell me. What? I provided another name, the owner's wife, and their home address. Again, the info didn't address. She refused to tell me if the name didn't match, the address, or both. Um...how can I fix the situation if you won't tell me what isn't matching? I then provided a nickname of the owner (say, John, instead of Johnathan) and that matched....but there was a second name on the account that I needed to provided. Why is providing one name not good enough? Why do I need to verify both? She also refused to help on the address, although there are only 2 addresses it could be under. I also asked her why she could not just tell me that name matched and I needed to provide a second name....and she claims she repeatedly did, although not once did she. This was a roughly ten minute call, in which the rep yelled at me and otherwise acted absolutely appallingly rude. I have NEVER had such terrible service or attitude. She refused to do anything about our line being out unless the account holder called. Well, they're out of the office and asked me to call for a reason. So glad I no longer use their "service" personally because dealing with them for my office is enough. I cannot get over the attitude I was given.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 3BABCD

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12/30/11 | 19:29PM
We had the same problem this morning because my husband wasn't giving the right phone number, even though the seven times we called before this morning, the other number worked just fine. Now they REFUSE to let me talk to a supervisor. Not ONE customer service person has known what the heck they were doing or talking about. It's unbelievable. I am so FRUSTRATED.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 14F571

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Savvanum - Verizon H8er ID: 9B1AA4

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