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12/30/11 | 23:31PM
Lousy customer service (understatement)

I have an old-fashioned landline at home, for safety reasons...such as, there have been major Pepco power outages twice in the past month at my house and multi-day power outages on two other occasions in the past year. I pay what I feel are exorbitant rates for very minimal service, including indoor wiring maintenance...but, as mentioned, it's insurance against worse things.

There are 4 phone jacks in my house. One (downstairs) works. Two others (upstairs) had an increasing noise static level. In trying to figure out where the problem was, I also discovered that the 4th jack (downstairs) was completely unusable. So I put in a service call...posted last week, December 21, 2011.

Initially tried to report this online. After several rounds of automated "nothing is wrong with your line, if you're still having trouble call us"...I had to call them. Which, after a lengthy wait, finally resulted in connecting me with a human being and posting a ticket for repair service. Service was scheduled for today, December 30, 2011...fully 9 days later. Time for this repair was given as "between 8 am and 7 pm".

Many opportunities (every-other-daily calls or texts) were offered to "change the time" and many warnings were issued that if I wasn't at home and instantly available when they called, they would cancel the appointment. I guess that should have been a clue that they weren't actually planning to keep their word.

They even had a "customer service survey" person call me three days ago asking whether I was satisfied with their "service" so far! Apparently they will do anything to declare victory and close a ticket--except actually fix the problem!

Today finally dawned, and of course I have been sitting by the one working phone, with the alternate cell in my pocket, all day. Got one text assuring me a technician would be here by 7 pm.

Well, you can see where this is going...of course the technician didn't show up. Got a robocall around 5 pm saying they were postponing the repair, and if I had questions, I could "press 1". I was on the phone over 30 minutes--almost all of it on hold. Now they are promising to come tomorrow afternoon. Do I believe this? No. I have to waste another day waiting...for Godot, apparently.

Meanwhile, the upstairs phone jacks are both completely dead--not even static. So let's hope there are no emergencies that require immediate use of a landline.

This isn't just insulting, aggravating, grossly inadequate customer service. It is a potential health issue for me and a very poor excuse for a monopoly utility that is licensed to cover a public safety issue. The FCC should put the screws to these people to make them take service issues seriously...repair them in a *timely* and complete fashion.

One other note: I have been a customer at this number for over 30 years. I don't ask for service very often--last time was at least 8 years ago--and I am willing to wait my turn (10 days? really???). But when they schedule an appointment for their convenience--with an 11 hour timeframe--I expect them to show up and fix the problem.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 088738

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12/31/11 | 20:59PM
OK........I understand your frustration BUT remember.............The Inside Wire is YOURS not Verizon's. I'm not defending them though. It sounds as though either a disconnected or broken inside wire causing the other jacks to either be dead or static. and of course your trouble is not "critical" because you have a working jack. When they test your line the "computer" performs several line tests to verify it does not 'see'any anomily on the line. If it can 'see' the network interface (NI)they will tell you the line does not show a trouble condition. Meaning the Verizon portion of the line (from the Central Office to the Network Interface)is good with "no troubles".
It can't tell if your inside wire is defective (broken open) or not. It will "see" shorts and grounds though.
The problem most people have is lack of knowledge on how things work. With all the online sites available to everyone these days.....learn how things work before you complain.

Former Vz manager and tech - Verizon H8er ID: A1A4A3

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