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02/19/07 | 1:45AM
DSL can disappear for many reasons

the loop length to your location can be changed if you have home renovations that cause the wire from to NID to the jack to be extended past 18500 feet then dsl is gone. The automated system sometimes can have provisioning errors causing DSL to disconnect in error. It seems strange to me that you have no indication at all of what happened. what is your DSL #
I could look at it but I will promise nothing
I would just like to see if there is an explanation.
I know for sure you can not sue for breach of contract. The contract states that verizon will do everything they can to provide service to customers but it is not a guaranteed service much like water hydro etc. all you are guaranteed pretty much is that the billing system will send u a invoice lol.
One of those people who u spoke to must have told u something. 12 people and no one could see wther it was disconnected or not or ifit just was not working. Not trying to be rude but that is like a million to one chance and I have never seen anything like it in my experiance with verizon.
Pick youir brain give mesome info and mabey I can shed somelight on this subject

- Verizon H8er ID: 247D9B

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