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12/31/11 | 8:35AM

So where I live according to Verizon I am in a full coverage area. (I live in the sandhills of Nebraska...no one gets service out here) So I call I complain litterally cannot call 911 from my home I know I tried when there was an actual emergency. So I call customer service...I was on hold for total 45 minutes in between let me get you to my supervisor to tech support back and forth. December 12th one of the very few good reps actually informed me that because of the us recovery act if we are having poor service they have to do diagnostics on my phone and have someone come out and make sure I actually have no service and then they would have to provide me with a free network extender. So I get high speed internet which is required for the network extender and call back. The lady offered me 50 bucks off. I said no its free because of the us recovery act and I quote "we don't have a us recovery act" by this time ive had enough (most of my calls to verizon begin with profanities and end with thank you glad you know how to do your job) well forwarning it doesnt matter how long ur on hold call the girl a little b***h and they will hang up so i call again get a different call center of course. told the gal just get the damn supervisor which she did and he transfered me to tech support. luckliy this gal had a brain. she did infact tell me that a trouble ticket had been done but without her supervisor she couldnt send one for free i stayed on hold til she found her supervisor and what do you know i got my crap for free. this was after threatening to report them to fcc and better business bureau. make sure if u call for something have them put it in ur notes in case you have problems later otherwise they take it as a new problem and totally piss you off. gl other verizon haters

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: CE6F02

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02/26/19 | 3:35AM

greasse - Verizon H8er ID: E1AB60

04/24/19 | 13:24PM

DerrickLom - Verizon H8er ID: 5D42F3

05/19/19 | 13:57PM
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patsypn18 - Verizon H8er ID: 35F9A5

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