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01/03/12 | 22:48PM
Verizon Customer Services rates a -10

I thought there couldn't be such a horrible customer service as to rate them below a 1, but verizon has topped it.

I have the triple bundle service. On Dec 2011 I called to have the TV service cancelled and keep my phone/internet service only. Later in the evening, after discussion with my family, we decided that we better keep it for now. Since Verizon doesn't allow you to cancel a service request online, I called next morning requesting the cancellation.

Whatever the lady did, it messed up my account even further. Not only they didn't cancel this request, they added a new 2-year contract request.

Took me more than 2 weeks to try and "straigthen" this problem out, all telling me that they had taken care of it. Finally, around Dec 21, after my numerous calls, they stated that they had cancelled my original request and any other pending requests.

Next day I reviewed online and it showed that they had cancelled my request. So, I thought finally, I can have a peaceful christmas.

This morning I turn on the TV, and hold and behold, No TV service.

Here we go again, ended up having to call again, to find out that the original request wasn't cancelled. To make matters worst, to reinstate the services, they had to change my package since the original package I had was no longer available. I get no savings. All they did was switch between one of the options I requested to cancel and gave me a higher internet bandwith, which I don't really care for.

All this pain, and all they could offer was an insincere apology that means nothing. And to top it off, on at least 3 of those calls, I ended up having to wait more than 20 mins each time.

I can't wait to move out of my area so I can switch to another company. Unfortunately, where I live the other options aren't any better.

They treat their new customers better than their current ones (And that's saying too much). What they don't understand is that an unhappy customer is worst, because, as soon as I can I will switch to another service and I will make sure to not only not recommend ever Verizon, but to steer them away in as much as I can.

Alex Rodriguez - Verizon H8er ID: 4D38FF

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