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01/04/12 | 15:42PM
Verizon totally ripped me off

I went to Verizon on 12/28/2010. I payed almost $300 for phones. I signed up for 2 phones and internet. I asked them if I had a trial period and what would happen if the service did not work in my area. That was the problem I had with other services. I did not like the service, it was really bad, so I went back to T-Mobile on January 14, 2011. I ported two phones and left the internet behind. By the end of the day on the 14th I could not use my verizon phones. Then the 15th I returned the equipment to the dealer. He called Verizon right there and cancelled my service which they acknowledge in a letter to the FCC. However, they don't acknowledge the internet number being turned off. I was not told about any connection fees at time of start up either. I was told I could back out of the contract within 30 days with no charges and the phone service would be pro rated. My first bill was about $375 (1/3/2011). They also neglected to tell me my phones needed the data turned on all the time so we went over on the data charges. When I took the phones in I had to pay $350 to return the equipment. I asked again about the high bill. John Nolan with Verizon told me they would pro-rate it and that I would not have to pay that much. he also told me cancelling was taken care of and I would not have to call them, but said I could if I wanted and gave me a phone number. When I called the number it wanted me to connect one of the 3 numbers in order to get information. I did not want to do that. I then received a bill on 2/3/2011 for $1015.? and was told it was for disconnection charges. Now they are still fighting the FCC and me over $515.00 for 14 days of service. They have the equipment and I cancelled with in the 30 days. I had service for 14 days, but they don't acknowledge porting and say I didn't cancel until after the 30 days which is the next billing cycle. I don't know what to do except put my story out there. I will keep fighting them too.

Dawn H - Verizon H8er ID: 05060E

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03/01/19 | 19:28PM

altelve - Verizon H8er ID: 79312E

05/06/19 | 9:13AM

Andrewwroms - Verizon H8er ID: 1BC475

05/25/19 | 19:59PM

langspbpiosi - Verizon H8er ID: 7F3EC5

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