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01/08/12 | 6:29AM
4G? More like screw me!

Dropped my phone Christmas morning, oops! Must have been the straw that broke the camel's back, screen quit working. Oh well, I tell myself, my 2 year contract is up in 3 weeks time to renew anyway. Off I go to the local Verizon store to explore my options. Was unaware Verizon had done away with the "new every 2" program and was disheartened to hear not only would I have to pay for a phone but I would also be charged an early upgrade fee for being a loyal customer for 4 years 11 months and 1 week. Well that sucks. I decide to go to a different store the next day, had lovely customer service and the sales rep sells me a Samsung Stratosphere (oooooh, ahhhhh!) on the awesome Verizon 4G network.

The phone was shipped to me two days later 12/29, all sparkly and new. 4G isn't set up where I live so I was resigned to the 3G network for now, that's cool no biggie. Until the next day when I wake up and my phone is no longer connected to the 3G network. I read on the internet there have been outages and so I decide to wait, afterall I can connect to wi-fi still so it's all good (notice my pretty laid-back attitude so far?) Saturday comes and I go to the local verizon (my 3rd store as I was now home from visiting family for Christmas.) The store clerk seems confused and directs me to a different verizon as she doesn't work at a corporate store (ehh, what?) I drive to the other store (#4 if you're keeping track) and am told that although frustrating, these things do happen and my phone should be working again in not time. Keep in mind the guy i'm talking to is getting 3G service on his non-4-G device (riddle me that, batman!)I wait 2 more days and on Monday call Verizon from another phone. After going through 2 IT guys, they ask me to do a master reset, OK I say, afterall I just got the phone so there isn't much on there to lose. A-HA! the phone turns on and my precious 3G is back in action, wahoo! 1 hour later and it's gone again. I'll show them, I say, as I do the fancy re-set again. 3-G once again returns, but at some point in the night goes out once more. I believe the 3-g has worked for approx 20 hours on my now 5-day-old phone.

Frustrated, I return to Verizon store #4 on Thursday and say this phone does not work, I want a new one! They decide, instead, to give me a new SIM card and do another master re-set on my phone. The phone again works for about 2 hours, and my patience is running thin. I return to V#4 again Friday and explain the situation. They decide to give me a new phone, wonderful. Shiny Samsung stratosphere #2 brand new out-of-box. 4 hours later and I have lost 3-g capabilities once more. By this time I am ready to shove my phone up someone's butt and cancel my plan.

I decide to wait until the next day, saturday 1/7, to cool off and return. I enter the store and say this phone does not work, I want a new phone or I will cancel my account. After explaining that all the 4-G phones are having "problems" with connectivity I asked if she thought 2 phones working for a cumulative amount of 24 hours in 8 days was a problem or a FUBAR! The clerk says, ok there's going to be a $35 re-stocking fee.

SAY WHAT?!?! you want to charge me to take back brand-new-phone # 2 which does not work? OH HELL NO, and I raise my voice for the first time in this entire encounter. I explained that this was not going to work for me and I needed to see a manager immediately. The manager agrees to waive the fee but I'll have to pick a 3-G phone. Being the sucker I am I agree to these terms and now have a functioning 3-G phone that i'm trapped with for the next 2 years. Needless to say I will not be going through this ordeal again. DOWN WITH VERIZON!!!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 3AFF40

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01/10/12 | 22:04PM
Lol i already posted one of my many stories but i had one like yours i went through 4 phones in the matter of 3 months droid 3 to be exact and one of them wouldnt connect even after they erased some of my music and pictures that wont come back ever but i loved how they made it seem like they were looking out for me by taking back the p.o.s phones that stopped working. But i fee'd out of that ball and chain relationship just be strong the end is in sight 2 years goes by fast

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 2C1B43

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