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01/10/12 | 21:28PM
Uncle SlAMed

I was activated by the national guard for 10 days after a blizzard hit massachusetts the day before i recieved a message from verizon informing me i was going to go over with some part of my verizon cell service and when i got off duty i went to take care of whatever it was that went over. i found out that it was in minutes spent talking to my girlfriend before i went to bed every night and i offered to change my minutes to unlimited if they'd drop my 400 dollar overage fee charge and they refused to drop the charge and for someone collecting unemployment it was a crippling hit theres no way i could have cleared the build up of fees after that

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: AD9032

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01/12/12 | 21:15PM
please excuse my typo slammed

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: AD9032

01/29/12 | 15:18PM
Right on Brother! I support your fight against this evil company for charging you the agreed upon price for services rendered. I mean it is not like they advise your of your monthly allowance, and the per minute charge if you exceed that allowance on each and every bill.
The only travisty about your story is the customer service representatives that need their jobs, and in an attempt to not further aggrivate you, were not allowed to tell you the full truth. The fact is, neither Verizon Wireless, nor the customer service department is responsible for your overage. Grow up, become a man and take responsibility for your own actions. You were not "slammed", you were simply charged for services rendered.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 66D548

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