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01/17/12 | 4:31AM
Customer service is terrible and intentionally deceptive

Verizon customer service strategy is to make you give up and make it painfull for customers. I up-graded phones and plan. Verizon over-charged by $30+ next bill. I called C.S. and Shamir (ID#6991001) assured me of a "re-rate" becuase the system often goes "hay-wire" when you renew or change plans. I never got the re-rated bill. I called 2 weeks later, and went through the same explanition with Cristal (ID#1050) and she agreed verizon had screwed up and "re-rated" (again) my bill and said I would need to check on-line in 24 hours to make sure adjustements went through, I waited a week and of course when I called back, it was like I never had talked to anyone, even though I had dated records and had their employee ID#. so I went to a local store and was told I had to call the C.S.# (they don't have authority)a
They intentionally rotate reps through store's to avoid being pinned down. Terrible customer service. Also, when I upgraded I got 2 $50 rabate phones, only recieved one in the mail after i applied for rebate to the T. I recieved one rebate, they said the other was returned due to bad adress... Bull$hit. Verizon has intentionally lame customer service and border-line crooked, but they have a good net-work.

VerizonRape victom - Verizon H8er ID: 544B45

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03/01/19 | 14:51PM

ParfeniyRiz - Verizon H8er ID: 9E1405

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