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01/19/12 | 12:25PM
Verizon doesnt care

I have had verizon since 2006. We went with them bcuz they were the only company that would and could cover us in our area. Had perfect service with reg phones. After about a year and a half, we decided to get internet based phones. Those worked perfectly for a while too. But we started having problems with people calling us but we never recieved a phone call. Sometimes we would get the voicemail, other times we wouldnt. I called verizon to complain. And over the last 2 yrs I have heard every excuse from them as to y im having the problems. They tried to tell me that there is interference with the towers. I told them to fix it & they say its probably other company's trees or buildings in the way. They tried to tell me it was bcuz of our metal roof on the house, but the phones drop calls & lose signal everywhere outside as well, & other towns too. They r now telling me that since there r so many people online now, that the internet signal has become clogged? & over used, but what does the internet have to do with dropped & missed calls? My husband works @ the hospital, & when he is on call, he has to rush in for an emergency. If he doesnt get that phone call, he could lose his job & a patient could die! We have told this to verizon employees over & over again. They dont care. They just say we r in a low coverage area, which was not the case when we joined. I once paid my bill by logging into my account online in their store. The bastards took my payment iut twice! I had other bills due that same week that I now didnt have the money for. I called them to get my money back, & that lady said it would b refunded that day. 2 days passed, no refund. I called back. They then said it would b refunded the next day. 2 more business days & the weekend went by, no refund! I ended up calling the corprate office, & within an hour, my money was returned. They r not delivering what they advertise & I want to sue them for false advertising. If anyone knows who to contact about this, please email me at angels_love_bad_men@hotmail.com. Thank you

Angel - Verizon H8er ID: BD86C5

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05/11/19 | 12:01PM
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karynwt11 - Verizon H8er ID: 703158

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