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01/23/12 | 19:49PM
Fees + Fees + Fees = Screw the customer

I hate Verizon. I had DSL service and my modem broke. I called customer service and they mailed me a new modem. The next month I was charged $100 for not returning the broken modem. I called and pleaded to drop the $100 charge and even offered to send the broken modem to drop the charge but NO luck.

I just cancelled in December and spoke to 5 different customer service people and NO ONE COULD answer if I should return the modem. Finally someone said that I had it for a year so I didn't have to return it. I called back a dozen times to find out about my final bill. They were unable to look-up my account since I cancelled. I had my account # and all my information but they said I was deleted from the system. I had autopay setup and they deducted my final bill from my account with some extra fees. Finally I spoke to someone who had to check in a backdoor area and look up my account and I was charged $80 for an early termination fee since I was under a verbal contract. What contract was that? I honestly feel they can get away with whatever they want and no one can do anything about it. I even looked into filing a claim with the BBB but on Verizons site says they are not accreditted under the BBB. I wonder why? lol I will no longer deal with Verizon for as long as I live.

Eric - Verizon H8er ID: 8669DC

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