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01/30/12 | 23:16PM
Full of Crap, time and time again.

In Summary: Yeah, they lie. A lot.
Does it make sense that I am NOT on a contract, but that I am not eligible for a discount on an upgrade until May 2012?
I tried to get an explanation for this, but I got one that still doesn't make sense.
I told them that if a customer is ready to spend more money INTO your company, for a more expensive plan and a more expensive phone, I am unable to do so now? At the discounted rate?
So after he "went to ask 'the manager' " (cough - cough...), he said the manager can't change the discount date on the computer, but they can offer me a discount TODAY if I buy the phone NOW on this phone call....
- I told them that I want to get my phone from COSTCO because I am a member there, and they offer additional accessories, a rebate and waive a connection fee as perks for COSTCO members (you know how COSTCO is...only the Best for their members and stuff).
So again he said they are unable to offer that because he doesn't think Verizon has those accessories to send out. He had me read out the discounted price and what those accessories are.
I explained that I have an old school understanding of how if a small satellite representative of the parent company is able to offer certain products, the parent company should be able to offer those, too!
Again, I got some BS answer in return.
Well, my gripe with Verizon goes way back several years.
All in all, these companies grab you by the ovaries when you sign up for a plan. That seems it was the way to go for them years back when they were establishing a customer base and the cell phone industry was starting up.
But NOW?...it doesn't make sense anymore. There's no need to screw the customer, or attempt to retain them in contract shackles. One should be able to jump ship as often and as many ships as you want. Prices and plans are basically the same everywhere!
What IF I was one of those bitches who JUST HAS to HAVE the latest and greatest EVERY month? (I'm not) What do you care as long as I stay with your company? Why charge me for getting another phone, or a more expensive one or whatever?
And if you lose me as a customer, it's not going to make a difference in your budget. And as soon as I walk out, there is another sucker walking in or -returning- to replace me anyway!
I am so sick of how these wireless companies operate. They give more shit away to famous/wealthy people than anybody even knows about. To the tune of MILLION$$.
How can they get away with operating that way? and they're not getting cheaper, either! while their customer base and usage grows every year (think of every new kid that gets a phone). How can they get away with holding customers hostage to dismal service like this?...WTF?

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 4DC358

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04/29/19 | 12:55PM
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garyfj3 - Verizon H8er ID: 50A000

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