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01/31/12 | 13:33PM
i worked there

i have worked in telecommunications for most of my aciloidult life and when verizon became a company it ended. after 28 years of serving the telephone company in contel, gte, and bell atlantic i became another statistic.

i served as an engineer, manager, and then a specilist in customer service they fired me and 13 of my fellow managers. just because they could. and just because they could hire drones for less money at at rate of 1 to 3 for a rate of 50%.

i worked anywhere from 55 to 113 hours a week. Not a misprint! only time i earned O/T was after 4 hurricanes hit florida in 8 weeks. then they paid straight time after 60 hours in a 5 day week! we were required to work 6 days a week for 3 months! Whoopy. 5 grand for 3 months of 15 hour days.

then they fired us all! not most, but 14 out of 15 managers. and thats only manatee county florida! guess we cost too much. lets do the math...

so i was forced into retirement. ok, but they stopped funding it in 2006, right after the hurricanes. lost $200,000 and was released 7 years early. but i faired better than most. any manager with less than 10 years got NOTHING!

now i am battling 3 bills from them. none have my own name, none are correct, and all i have is slow dsl service. they shut it off after 3 years of calls to correct it. the PSC says they now are unregulated (ie: they have to be accountable to anyone).

am i alone here?!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 6AA259

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02/03/12 | 16:03PM
You got 28 years which is good for non union management. No more 30 year careers for most I'm afraid. Loyalty is not rewarded. The hires right around divestiture in 1984 are probably the last that even have a shot at a 30 year career.

You're right when Verizon and others stopped thinking like the utility that they were is when the company really tanked. But it is the government sanctioned monopoly mindset that allows the crybaby bell executives to fire,layoff and cut budgets even in a profitable company. Ivan still has his job and he has been with a cry baby bell how long? And yet Ivan declares a senior experienced workforce unnecessary???

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: F374DA

02/05/12 | 6:51AM
I was a manager in Massachusetts and got fired along with 13 other managers back in November 2008. They claimed we were padding the productivity numbers. I had the worst prductivity numbers and they said I was cheating to make my numbers look better. WHAT?? They SUCK SUCK SUCK. I no longer have anything with a Verizon name on it.......not even a phone book and never will. I gave that company over 20 years of my life and they just tuck it to you.

Screwed by Vz - Verizon H8er ID: 8E0B6D

02/06/12 | 3:26AM
I lost my job in a RIF. It seems that when you have end stage renal disease you just cannot be dependable. If you ask others that were laidoff or RIFed, did any family members have chronic illnesses ? You will find it is an all to common theme.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: BFC483

02/06/12 | 17:34PM
Someone should be regulating the utilities in your state. I can't see Verizon's or any other utilities public networks defaulting to a local municipalities code enforcement dept. Are they going to send electrical inspectors up a pole or in a hole to inspect the plant? Perhaps the PSC worker thought you wanted them to do something about your DSL equipment? The utilities run their networks over public rights of way how can they not be regulated.

I would report Verizon to the FCC. I would also report Verizon the local BBB. This helps document the problem so others can see the quality of Verizon's service. I guess if not's a POTS line they're trying to say you bought an optional non essential service. I still go after them for failing to fulfill their end of the contract-service. I would go to your local politician as well because someone regulates them, find out who and if your tax payer paid representative can do anything.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: F859F6

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