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09/12/06 | 4:03AM
Respones; verizon assholes

I just read some posts about Verizon employees.
I took this job to help people and i dont really need a job. my parents are pretty well set. but I find you must realize when u call a companie with a snotty attitude, trying to tell people how to do their jobs. and acting like u grew up in the bayou, you expect good service. lol talk to people properly. and honestly ive been fucked by companies also. never verizon. but I learned how to avoid bad orders, and how to tell by someones voice if they are lying. this is real world folks.
there are bad apples in every company. use your wits. I can tell ya out of all companies ive worked for i like verizon cause people tell me before they hang up. u need apromotion. can i reccommend u to the supervisor for promotion etc. people who come on here saying verizon reps all are assholesqand dont know how to do their jobs. ya really need to get a life u people make me sick. i spend half my day talking u dicks off the cliff and half fixing the issue forever or sending a tech. and get fuck all for it. grow learn how to talk to people and u might get what u will get what u need. as for consumer support
well now i hate the consumer dept. full of a bunch of idiots who just send people all over the phone system. sending consumers to my line just cause they dont know how to fix the issue. my sight just got approval to open a consumer dept we have 25 cons reps. In time we will take that over. understand its not verizon. its the companies verizon outsources too. god knows where they are and believe me it must be hard to keep tabs on their operations. our sight is monitored constantly. we dont get away with shit. and we dont do it either. we are top knotch and onthe ball and this is why we are growing immensly. I pray for consumer users that u dont get a rep from the philipines or where ever that strange accent i hear half the time is from. but it is also illegal for a company like mine to take over the tech support industry all at one. you will know when we do. I'll be honest though verizon has over 30 mil customers and 65000 call for buisness a day (half cause they dont know fuck all about their pc modem or router) and dont forget verizon dsl sells dsl connect not tech support for your virus infected or windows 98 pc. and we only have contract for lynksys 4 & 8 port routers. and macs we only offer
basic support on. another note. mac's are good computers. but..... you have tyo buy the warranty.we cant support apple airport or mac mail
applications. and the warranty for mac support on these is $300 every three years. so dont get pissed off at us when you cant get support for your mac for free. your the idiot who bought a mac. we can support anything microsft. accept email servers. and we dont support networking or again your shitty pcs. thats why u have a network tech. or the yellow pages. and if u cant afford that than come to terms with the fact that your business is a flop or get a friend or educate yourself. sorry for venting hope this will help u all out.I wish i could make a sight on how the whole verizon biz dsl deal works, but id be putting a lot of people out of jobs and i wont do that. but i am going to open biz as a network tech for very decent prices to help small and medium businesses within a few years. ill keep people posted. and to the generalists who say all verizon people are asses fuckers etc. excuse me to the decent people reading this. you all can suck the cack. Thank You VBTS

- Verizon H8er ID: 6F3408

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