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02/04/12 | 15:59PM
Verizon: A name that has become synonymous with dishonor and disrespect

I have been a customer for almost 6 years. Up until about 11/2 years ago I was happy with Verizon. I in fact used to regularly recommend Verizon to my friends. That is until I was due for an update and bought a Palm Pre. Then my troubles began. If anyone cares to look back at my phone bills for the past year, the first thing you will notice is that there has been little or no usage. Guess why? Because the phone sucks!!!!! I suffer dropped calls as if in the middle of a dropped call epidemic. And yet the day after my bill is due my phone rings off the hook from 6:30 am until sometimes 9 or 10 pm with calls from Verizon telling me to pay my bill. When I call to complain about my service Viola...no dropped call! It is the same when I try to pay my bill, I can talk to Verizon until my head pops off and the call isn't dropped. However, let a friend, family member of Heaven forbid a potential employer call and "click", call is dropped and there is no way to reconnect with that person.
I have come to hate Verizon and absolutely refuse to pay another dime. Why? Because I have been paying all along for a service I cannot use and yet nobody can do much more than offer me yet another Palm Pre (Duh....that's the phone I am having problems with!) Verizon sucks wet rocks and you can take me to court if you want to, but you won't be getting another dime out of me! If you are truly keeping notes on my account, I guarantee Verizon will look like the lousy company that it has become. What happened? Did aliens from the "We don't give a damn what your problem is just pay your bill" planet body snatch the whole frickin company? Allow me to call Scully and Mulder and report you all as X files!

this is an email I sent to the consumer advocate department at Verizon...let's see what happens and no I was not nice!Dear sirs:

I have been a customer of Verizon for almost 6 years. About two years ago I updated my phone from a Black berry(which fell apart) to a Palm Pre. From day one I have had nothing but problems. The number of dropped calls is astronomical. The number is in fact so large that I cannot use the service but yet have been paying anywhere from $76-now $100.00 per billing cycle for a service I cannot utilize. Please feel free to check the facts.

I have called on several occasions and been told to reset my phone(which doesn't work) or that someone will call me back with other solutions, which they never do.

I spoke to someone named John who said I could update to an iPhone for $50.00 and he was supposed to call me back on Friday Feb 3 at 1:00pm. OF COURSE he did not so I called tech support and was told I would have to pay $99 for the iPhone. Never mind the fact that for months I have been paying for a phone service that I cannot use. Verizon has gotten thousands of dollars out of me for a service i am not able to use but still insist I pay my bills on time and the day after the bill comes out my phone rings sometimes 6 times per day. Guess who it is? Verizon wanting their money, and yet nobody can help me with my problems with the Palm Pre. Hmmmmmm, this relationship has become decidedly one sided. Verizon makes me pay my bill, but cannot see fit to give me another phone, and I do not mean another Palm Pre because that's the problem. Although the Blackberry fell apart, I never had issues with dropped calls the way i have with the Palm Pre. Basically I am paying for the privilege of getting it up the butt with out grease!!!!!

I feel stepped upon and that Verizon is no longer a company I want to be associated with. What used to be the best carrier in the business has now become nothing more than a place of dishonor and disrespect.

wickybit - Verizon H8er ID: 2ADB3E

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03/14/19 | 7:28AM
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rochellewm60 - Verizon H8er ID: 32E876

03/29/19 | 8:36AM
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julieah11 - Verizon H8er ID: E65459

04/30/19 | 7:03AM
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Oscarchive - Verizon H8er ID: 7904A3

05/06/19 | 19:43PM
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Pennyslell - Verizon H8er ID: 435D87

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