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02/07/12 | 19:36PM

I live in the Four Corners section of Clermont, Florida minutes away from Disney World in Orlando. They just built two new Verizon stores about a few miles apart from one another on Highway 27. I went to the closest one to my house, in the Publix shopping center next store to AT&T Wireless. My girl wanted an iphone 4s but I wanted the Google Nexus prime which is only on Verizon. So I went over there with my credit card ready to go. I walked in there & wasn't even greated as the "good 'ol boy" working there was busy chatting away with another one of his hunting buddies talking about the subject. So I began to look at other phones. I no longer had patience to wait untill the conversation was over, since I was there for around 15 minutes & so I walked over to them and inquired about the phones.
Their facial responses were like "Who are you? Why are you talking to us, interrupting our conversation," look. I guess it was a look of disdain perhaps. I ignored it and proceeded to respectfully inquiere about my possible purchase. When I asked about the Nexus, he said that it would cost me $329!! And he said that he could not offer any kind of discount on those phones (Which I understand that Apple is strict on) But my wife can get a 20% discount from working at a huge food chain & he didn't want to honor that. Note: In another store location the discount is honored & was told that they honor the 20% discount in all Verizon stores. Plus he did not want to waive activation fees.
Now why am I claiming that this guy is racist? Let's just say that I can't get him to smile or be personable with me yet with other customers of his color, they got a warmer treatment.
If you are not a minority or are of a darker completion, you are not going to know how it feels or know the signs. I've been treated as a second class citizen or with the "I don't care if you buy here or not, in fact I'd rather you take your ass & money elsewhere cause I don't need it or want it" attitude. Ha ha ha! Yes, there is such an attitude!
I can understand if I went in the store speaking ghetto or dressed in sneakers, pants sagging, tattoos or whatever. But I was in my business work attire & yet this individual still was rather cold--even after I told him that I would buy the phones AND 2 year plan, cash if he waived activation and honored my wife's 20% discount.
After a few hesitations on his part I just shook my head & left.
Upon walking out of the Verizon store I looked towards the AT&T Wireless store and I noticed something! There were a lot of people coming in and out of the store, people in the store buying things and it dawned on me. Verizon isn't diverse. The At&t store had "color" in it as well as whites. There's only one guy working at this Verizon & he's a good 'ol boy. The other larger Verizon store a mile down the road? Same thing, no color, one or two customers in the store.
I wanted to work for Verizon because I thought that I could make some decent money there & help others...but after that experience & it being my first experience at Verizon stores...it left a bad memory.
I still have the $800 to $1,000 in my checking waiting now for the iphone 5. A friend who works for Apple told me it's in the works. I've spent thousands there & they're a great company because they don't see color, they see a human being with a need...and some cash. And that's okay with me.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 2451D9

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02/07/12 | 19:39PM
P.S. I'm the writer of this story & I am NOT a Verizon hater or hater period. Life is too beautiful & too short to spend dwelling on the wrongs of others & on the negative aspects of it.
I just shared an experience that was not so great but I learned a lot from it.
If I ever do work for Verizon, or any other company, I take an oath that no matter who is standing before me, I will give them the best possible help, purchase, & experience because it's their hard earn money they're parting with and they deserve to be treated as such. Thank you...

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 2451D9

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